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That's what I mean :3

Its totally up to the creators to make a backstory, like a complete one instead of a small bio.
That's why I asked about a sub-board.

The way the rp plays out though or at least how ot is right now, I cant see the events happening within it to make an optimum oppertunity for characters to share their story.

Of course, there COULD be side stories for them backstories, kind of when caroline and I did that filler while pow was away where we went to her village and discovered things. We could do the backstories in a fashion such as that. But....
Personally id rather put it in a seperate thread :3 cause it can get really cluttered

Despite numerous set backs (this time its due to an illness and college, can't be helped), characters will eventually get to share their stories gradually. At this point in time the characters are in the process of forming relationships with eachother, past the "I'm traveling with you because we kinda got caught up in this shit together".

But of course, sharing some backstory outside of the RP is fine, it helps everyone understand what kind of person you are portraying and possibly how to make your character spill the beans within the RP. It'll all come together.

If I ever get the time I'll type up Askardi's story. But it'll take awhile whenever I start. I have my notes around somewhere but it HAS been a very long time

I was actually trying to come up with a concise backstory for Melodia, so I didn't have the full story ready at the time of the last post. Reading back through my own posts, I can see I had something going on, though. If anyone wants to know, since it's been quite a few years since the RP was last posted to, I can throw in here what I believe to be the closest thing to what I had for her backstory...

Would've been shitloads of cool.


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