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I didn't know where to put this, so I suppose I'll just post this in the General Section. Jonez, if there's a better board for this, can you please move it there?

Anyway! Post the link to your favorite fanfics in this topic.


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This is one of my favorite fics out there. Not only does it capture the dark theme, it also reminds the reader that just because Corvo spared his targets doesn't mean he's "good" or even "merciful". Heck, he may even be worse than a High-Chaos Corvo. Fates Worse Than Death, stuff like that. It's well-written and deep. If you've played the game, you're going to enjoy the heck out of this one. WARNING: Low-Chaos Ending Spoilers
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I never actually thought Corvo as a mute, but it's sure as hell an interesting way of presenting him. If you're interested in filling that empty gap in Dishonored's backstory, you better give this one a try.
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Have you ever wondered how the toast between Martin and Treavor went in the Low-Chaos Ending? These are spoilers, of course.

It's short, dark and grim. It fits the game's theme perfectly.

I was gonna post a fanfic of Mello from Death Note getting screwed by Tetris blocks buuuuuut...


--- Quote from: BloodcatNS on June 04, 2013, 04:18:31 PM ---Jonez, if there's a better board for this, can you please move it there?

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I'm the admin that listens.

Thanks man. :D

You are welcome man. Now everybody can use the feature of auto-redirect when they click on the old location ;)


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