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Since I haven't really seen any topic about this yet, except for manga/anime, I decided to start the talk about it! (This is not about manga/anime!)

Honestly, I love to read books. The more pages they have, the better.
I own several series of books, including Harry Potter, The Darkest Trilogy, Twilight series (fuck off, they're pretty good), The Lord Of The Ring series, Eragon series, ...

Do any of you guys like to read? Tell me!

Kiss x Miz:

--- Quote from: shredc0re on March 12, 2012, 06:55:59 PM ---Twilight series

--- End quote ---

I love the Harry Potter books, even though they make the movie about them look kinda sucky suck.

My sister loves Twilight... she never shuts up about it.

I bought the full Sherlock Holmes collection, like last week, haven't touched 'em yet, cuz I'm reading "The Gun Seller" by Hugh Laurie. Yep, Hugh Laurie. House. Mr. Little.

dark 5FVD:
I like books to my moto is the less pages the better.
But i do like to make commics i made a few but stopped with making them


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