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--- Quote from: Jonez on March 12, 2012, 10:03:09 PM ---My sister loves Twilight... she never shuts up about it.

--- End quote ---

Twilight isn't that bad, but not that good either. I don't love it ~

Oh my, I have read so much: LoR series, Harry Potter  series , Eragon  series , City of Ember  series , Foo  series , Inkheart  series , etc

i own the entire series of twilight although i havent touched them since a month after i bought them
i also own the hunger games series, which was amazing.
other than that, i prefer to read individual books since its hard to locate parts of a series... and then i have to pay for them if i want to keep it
i do go to the library very often though, and ive found several gems because of that
i cannot recall how many books ive read to date because ive been drawn into reading ever since i was young, and i usually love all the books i finish(which is a lot)

Oh wow, forgot hunger games, outsiders

A friend of mine told me to read the Hunger Games, are they really worth it?

And, my latest purchase is a book called "The Left Hand of God", but I kinda forgot the autor xD


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