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[FILM] Noroi: The Curse
« on: July 15, 2013, 09:40:45 AM »
Title: Noroi
Alternate Title(s): The Curse,
Noroi: The Curse

Country of Origin: Japan

Release Date: August 20, 2005

Genre: Mockumentary, Horror

Director: Koji Shiraishi

Starring: Jin Muraki, Rio Kanno,
and Tomono Kuga

Ah, I love an excellent horror mockumentary. This one especially. It's another Japanese film, by the same guy who directed Occult and Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman. No, it's not as bad as Occult. This one starts with a notice that a paranormal researcher, Kobayashi Masafumi, disappeared while in the middle of making his most horrifying documentary, called "The Curse" (Noroi in Japanese). Then it goes on to play the footage that had been recorded by Kobayashi's cameraman.

The film itself is a real kicker. Kobayashi's footage was following many different things at first, mostly about helping people with hauntings and paranormal phenomena and about all of that stuff in general. As events play out, Kobayashi goes on to investigate the one thing that somehow connects all of the seemingly-unrelated phenomena. As stated at the beginning of the film, this all accumulates into his disappearance. And yes, they do eventually state where they got the footage from in the first place. Eventually.

Some of the effects weren't the best, but most of the film didn't need to make use of any special effects to be creepy (though, props to one effect. It actually startled me, and that's saying something). In fact, in just revisiting the ending, I may very well shit my pants with paranoia. That's how good the ending -- no, the entire film -- is. I would actually rate it a 56/10, if that wasn't a totally unfair rating based on Noroi being compared with Occult.

(unrelated bullshit: I just heard a noise behind me. Oh fuck me, it's either a bug or something from the film. 2:30AM can go screw itself.)

Everyone should see this film. It could very well be the best horror mockumentary out there. If you like found footage, but hate most of the stuff produced (i.e. Cloverfield, Blair Witch, etc), there's a good chance you'll like this.

Plot: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Quality: 9/10
Effects: 7/10
TOTAL: 8/10

Rent, Buy, or Skip? BUY
Can be purchased here.
(Note: Physical copies sold of this movie are not compatible with North American or European electronics. This movie has been fansubbed, but as far as I can tell it will not have subs available if you purchase it. If you really want to watch it and don't care about piracy, I can get you a link to stream it.)
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