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Today is a beautiful day in the small rural village of Rauhl, the sun is shining down as the leaves on the trees start to descend to the ground, flooding the roads. The farmers are hard at work while the other villagers populate the central point near the village water well. North of the well you have the meeting hall, the hall is generally used for the village council meetings and other events, but this is currently occupied by the TMU who are recruiting for there upcoming trek to the Muram Grasslands. South you have road which leads to the farmland which provides the majority of the wealth of Rauhl, the farmers tend not to like being disturbed but they are generally kind at heart. West you have the market, despite it only containing two shops they have a nice supply of food and confectioneries, though the weapon and armour stalls have been recently bought out. The few houses that dot the perimeter of the water well are owned only by the richest of the populace, the rest resort to living close to their area of labour. You all start within or near this village, where? You can decide that for yourself.
(For privacy reasons I am unsure if I am allowed to show the names of the people who posted as they are not apart of this forum, or they are and I haven't got their consent. So I will post their written replies to the roleplay and leave it anonymous.)
Nemmy's post
Nemmy: *is hiding in the shadows of a nearby forest, talking to someone through her glowing arm* I can't talk about this right now...I'm on in assassination mission......Deberos Kikoros was the name I think...but I'm not too sure about what he looked like. I have to get clear descriptions of the guy. Shut up, I know he's a dude, but I can't seem to find him....I'll call you back, I have to go now. Sun's out. *puts her hood on, then goes down to the village, weapons concealed*

Alistair's post
Alistair walks through the small village of Rauhl looking for the hall where the TMU are recruiting. As he walks through the town he notices someone who looks smart enough to know where it is.
Um, excuse me im kinda lost could you tell me where the TMU are please?

Vince's post
* Vince walks on the path through the various farming plots and awkwardly greets the hardworking farmers who ignore him.*Vince: how am i gonna find a job in this place? it's just another farming town like all the others i've been to

GM post
As Koel walks through the busy streets of Rauhl he notices a slim hooded figure pass through, he thinks to himself as he recalls a familiar image.
Koel: That figure, it reminds me it can't be.
*Koel attempts to forget it by turning his head the other way and burying his face in his hand, but his eyes cannot avert the gaze upon the figure.
Koel:.....if its him then I need to know, I can't let this opportunity go....*Koel slowly grips his swords hilt as he walks towards the hooded figure, slowly catching up with it, the as he comes closer he grabs the hood and pulls it back, only to reveal a dark haired woman.
Koel:...uh.....oh.....*Koel awkwardly steps back...
As Alistair asks the individual for directions, the figure clad in black and white robes simply doesn't even look back at him with his crimson red eyes, which his silver hair barely allows to see the light of day.

the hooded man continues walking north towards a large looking building, slowly trailing his blade behind him. Maybe he is heading there?
As Vince talks to himself, a young girl appears beside him, tending to the crops

Young girl: well hello there, you must be new. Everyone know's each other around here so I guess you're just passing through?she continues to tend to the crops as she addresses Vince, smiling as she does.
Young girl: We don't usually get many visitors, except for recently with those big army guys, those guys are scaaaary~

Vince's post
*Vince stops in his tracks after hearing those words, and turns towards the girl.*Vince: Army guys? what are people like that doing in a farming town?

Nemmy's post
Nemmy: Who.....dares.....*turns around and looks at Koel* What is your motive of making contact with me? Who are you anyway....? *puts her hood back on, then speaks in her head* IS THERE NO DECENCY IN THIS VILLAGE? *she then glares at Koel*
GM Post
Koel loosens his grip on his blade and his face turns expressionless, simply shrugging his shoulders to Nemmy's remark.
Koel: I apologize, I meant no harm.....and as for my motives, I could ask you the same question. Walking around with a hood up is considered quite disrespectful around here, also suspicious....
He then offers his hand to Nemmy
Koel: But I'm sure you have your reasons....The name is Koel Burnham, but people just tend to call me Koel.
The young girl's hands do not stray from the crops as she continues to address Vince
Young girl: yeah, army guys. She glances north along the path and then back to her crops
Young girl: They arrived about a week or so ago. They just waltzed into the village central and occupied the Meeting hall.....said it was official TMU business.....whatever that means. But all I know is they started asking all the men in the village if they wished to enlist for an expedition or something....She then sighs and stops for a moment
Young girl: Even the boy I like enlisted....I guess they must be offering quite the adventure huh?

Alistair's post
As the man ignores Alistair and walks toward a large building he decides to walk after him and see where he is going.

GM Post
While Alistair follows the hooded man walk into the building, he notices that they are now in the Meeting hall. All of the TMU occupants stand up in respect when the hooded man enters the room. Though he does not acknowledge them and simply sits in a wooden chair in the corner of the room, the TMU soldiers then slowly return to their duties, but not before they got a good long look at the man. The hooded man makes a short gaze at Alistair with his crimson eyes, staring right through him, as if to ask why he is following him. But no words pass his lips.

Alistair's Post
As he walks into the room where the hooded man is sitting he looks around the room and then realizes this is the place.
So...Is this where I sign up?
He then walks toward the hooded man and wonders why he is staring.
Im guessing you are in charge of all this?

GM Post
The hooded man lets out a quiet sigh and stares weakly at Alistair, resting his hand on the side of head while his elbow rests on the small wooden table beside him.
Hooded man:.....try the large group of soldiers, including the general, on the table in the middle of the room.....the way he spoke made it sound like it was an effort, more like a chore to even consider speaking to Alistair.
Hooded man:.....I'm just here, like leave me and be on your way
It was clear that this man had little patience for anyone, but he definitely was here on some business. Maybe the middle table (enlisting table) knew~

Luna's post
Off character: this happens in another place, far from you guys.It's essential to develop my character before they meet you. Luna carefully opened her eyes. She stood up slowly, completely blinded by awhite light. She heard a voice of an unknown man, screaming at her."What are you, you beast? Do you really think you can steal our fruit?
You have to be punished, I don't care what you are. No one steals our food!"Suddenly someone grabbed her hair roughly and entrained her to the back of the room. She had no idea where she was. The last thing she remembered is the taste of a beautiful, golden pineapple on her tongue. And then a huge black out.

Alistair's post
Ah, thanks ill go see the general guy
Alistair walks over to the enlisting table and the general.
Excuse me sir, I would like to sign up.
GM Post The TMU general looks at Alistair and greets him standing up from his chair and shaking his hand, handing out a piece of paper and a fancy pen also.
TMU General:Ahhh, its always good to have some nice strapping young men join the TMU, especially in this time of need. Just fill out the necessary details and you will officially be part of the TMU
The general then sits back down and sits patiently as he slowly looks towards the hooded man in the corner of the room, then quickly back.

Alistair's post
Alistair takes the pen and paper and fills in the details on it before giving it back to the general, then looks to the hooded man and back at the general.
I was wondering, whats up with that hooded man over there, he seems a bit strange.

Nemmy's post
Nemmy: ........*pats Koel on the shoulder* Nice to meet you and sorry if my attire is offset. I am currently on business at the moment. I do not have time to chat. *starts to walk off*

GM Post
As Nemmy walks away from Koel, he starts to feel a great uneasiness fill his heart.
Koel: Whatever she is isn't good. Regardless its none of my business....
Koel then walks towards the village well in the center of the village and sits down on the polished stone, watching as the citizens walk back and forth in the commotion of daily life. Children running around playing, mothers trying to keep them under control as the shop for food. Workers on their break from the trying day in the farmland. Koel's heavy heart is almost soothed by the hustle'n'bustle of the village.Koel: The world never stops huh.....
The general quickly gets off his chair and walks fast around the table to Alistair, almost knocking his own leg against the table as he narrowly curves around it, grabbing Alistair's shoulder and turning him away from the hooded mans gaze.
 TMU General: I'm sorry but we don't speak about him, that was one of his conditions for him joining our expedition.....but...
The general speaks quietly to Alistair, putting his arm around Alistair and drawing him closer.
TMU General: he is known only as "Darka", and if the stories are true.....he possesses unreal strength, strange powers....we need him. Look thats all I can say, I don't want to get on his bad side. Now be on your way, everything is all set up and your one of the TMU, I think its best you talk a walk around the village before we leave.
He then quickly sits back down as more villagers line up at the desk

Nemmy's post
Nemmy: Damn, my cover was almost blown....such snoopy people here....Hmm......*looks around* Aha. *walks toward a large building* Maybe he's in here.....*looks back and makes sure Koel isn't following her* Mmhm. *nods, then walks in*

GM Post
A TMU new recruit walks upto Nemmy as she enters the meeting hall, quickly engaging her in conversation before she can even take a single breath before entering the building
TMU Recruit: Oh hey there lady, you here to enlist too? I'm not surprised, a lot of people are, village life just isn't for me.The recruit didn't even give Nemmy enough time to reply, quickly patting her on the back and smiling
TMU recruit: By the way, do you have a boyfriend by any chance?The smile slowly turns into a grin

Nemmy's post
Nemmy: *is keeping her patience down, but then responds as inconspicuous as possible* Excuse me, but I am looking for someone named Deberos Kikoros. I have something urgent to tell him. And to answer your question, no, I do not have a boyfriend.

GM Post
The TMU recruit looks puzzled by the remark, scratching his head while staring into space
TMU Recruit: No.....I don't believe I have heard of that name before, and this is a pretty small village. Maybe he came with the TMU, the general is sitting behind that desk over there so maybe you should ask him.The recruit points to the desk in the middle of the room, surrounded by 3 or 4 villagers signing up for enrollment.
TMU Recruit: If this "Deberos Kikoros" came with them, he would be the one to talk to.

Nemmy's post
Nemmy: Thank you. *silently smiles, then walks over to the desk* One step closer...

GM Post
After the new recruits had dispersed from the table, the general looks tiredly up to Nemmy and weakly stands up and shakes her hand.
TMU General: Well well, we don't get many females looking to join up. Maybe you could be a medic, or are you here for another reason?
The general sits back down and leans back on his chair

Nemmy's post
Nemmy: My name is Netalia Horologue. Call me Nemmy, though. I am looking for someone named Deberos Kikoros. Is he anywhere around here? I have something to discuss with him.

Vince's post
Vince: Well, i am looking for a job, so i guess i'll go and check it out. Thanks for the heads up though.
* Vince turns and starts to leave fot the meeting hall, and stops*
Vince: by the way, if you have a message for that guy, i could pass it on for you.
* he starts to walk again and thinks to himself ( TMU, an expedition, this just might be that job i was looking for.)
*but when vince arives there are a bunch of rowdy guards boasting.

GM Post
The general's jaw dropped as the name was mentioned, his eyes widened by the very thought of it. He slowly raised himself from his chair while he remained in eye contact with Nemmy, then as he stood straight facing her, scratched the back of his head while trying to release the words from his lips
TMU General:That do you know it? He....its....thats classified!
He then slammed his fist against the table, as he did all the TMU recruits behind him edged backwards in fear.
TMU General: Listen girl, you don't want to get on the wrong side of......
-suddenly a large clanging sound could be heard, it resonated through the entire village, as the noise continued it became slowly more clear what it was-
Recruit: Is that the village bell? They only ring that when.....
Suddenly a villager burst through covered in blood and claw marks, struggling to walk, eventually collapsing on the floor in front of the table. As the villager laid on the floor, blood seeped from underneath him and reached Nemmy's and Alistairs feet. The crimson liquid staining the brown wooden floor, drying rather quickly.The hooded man fails to even look upon the scene, simply sighing and making himself more comfortable in his seat.
Recruit:....beast attack?
(meanwhile)The guards that Vince was watching chuckled among themselves, their weapons leaning against the walls of a pedestrians house and their laid back stance left discipline wanting.
Guard 1:You should have seen that Goblin I killed over in Old man Jenkins farm, it was massive!
Guard 2: Yeaaah, sure. I bet it was dead when you found it, you're such a liar
Guard 1:No really! I killed it myself, don't get me wrong it was a heated battle, but my strength overcame it and I came out always of course.
Guard 3:Hah yeah, well I heard that their are summoners roaming about in the grasslands. You know Gregson? Well he told me he saw a summoner along with a dragon. Says that he barely got back alive, but I bet he was just as boastful as you
Suddenly a sound could be heard ringing distantly, along with a strained voice shouting. It didn't sound to far away but the guards talking over it made it hard to make out the voice.
Guard 1: You hear that? It sounds like it's coming from the village central.....but its not like its any of our business. We are the entrance district guards. Let the TMU handle it.
Guard 2:Yeah, pompous TMU, who do they think they are taking over our hall? I mean I had my wedding planned over there...sheesh.
Koel is seen taking a offensive stance with his sword drawn and outstretched, breathing deeply as he gazes at the scene in front of him
Koel:Damn this all happened so fast, where the hell are the guards....
Koel looks upon the pack of wolves that quickly swarmed the village central, the majority of the villagers were running away in panic while the few left laid mauled dead on the floor, bathing in their own blood as the village bell rings over and over with a man at the top shouting down to the disturbance below.
Bell ringer:Beast attack! Beast attack! Everyone run to your homes and lock the doors, beast attack!
Koel peers at the pack, trying to keep his distance, counting them and assessing the situation while tightly gripping the hilt of his sword

Koel: 1...2..3..4...5, I'm unsure if I can take on all of them......

Nemmy's post
Nemmy: saw through my ruse, old man....*as everyone was distracted, she pulls over her hood, then moves behind the general, holding him around the neck and holding one of her crossbows at his head* Take me to him....or these arrows will be drop dead red.

GM Post
All of the TMU recruits, about 15 score, surrounded and circled Nemmy as she held the General hostage. The recruits raised their swords in a pointing fashion and slowly tried to creep closer.
TMU General:Look, I can't take you to him. I have orders to only go to the Muram Grasslands to investigate, if I go anywhere else I'll be demoted.
Recruit 1:Put'em down lass!
Recruit 2:You don't want to do this....
TMU General:Listen to them girl, they speak words of reason.
The general sweating while being in the face of death, unable to keep his composure, even in the presence of his recruits, he frequently looked towards the hooded man, almost as if he was hoping for something to happen. But then he gaze would always be quickly redirected to the recruits in front of him.
TMU General:....all I can say is he isn't here, we wouldn't bring him here of all places....but I'm under orders, even you must know what that's like!

Vince's post
*As vince hears the bell, he sprints in the direction of the sound vaulting over barrels and trying to get through the mass of panicked people. he is greeted by scene of wolves and a lone man being surrounded.*vince: it looks like you need a hand*Vince also draws his sword as he runs up beside the man*

GM Post
Koel makes a small sigh of relief as he notices the other young man enter the chaos, he then steps closer to the pack and readies a more offensive stance.
(So this is your first battle, remember your characters don't know how to use black magic (elements) yet. So stick with your physical attacks. I'm sure you can pull through, now go get em!)
Koel: There will be time for introductions later, now is the time to fight!

                                                                                                 A battle stirs!
                                                                                                                                                                                                Wolf A
Koel Burnham                                                                                                                                                                        Wolf B
and                                                                                                                                                                                           Wolf C
Vince                                                                                                      VS                                                         
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Wolf D
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Wolf E

Battle Objective: Defeat all enemies!
Battle Music:
Vince's post
*vince nods and eyes the wolves*Vince sees that wolf A is getting too close for comfort and slashes at it once, causing the wolf to back away with a yelp.

GM post
Koel peers at the wolf pack closely, carefully assessing their movements. He then drags his blade behind him and slashes upwards against Wolf B which slightly raises it into the air. Then following up with downwards slash against the same wolf that slams it back down.
Koel:Hah, not so tough now!
Koel then finishes up with a sideways slash directed at Wolf C, which throws the wolf backwards.
_____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ ______

(enemy turn)
Wolf A growls angrily as it dashes towards Vince, slamming its body into him with full force, knocking him to the ground.
Wolf B flanks Koel and jumps behind him, quickly biting him before jumping back
then it is followed up by Wolf C tripping Koel up by running underneath him and Wolf C jumping on top of him and mauling him.
Wolf D directs its eyes to Vince, jumping up and biting him quickly then dashing away, this is followed up by Wolf E preforming the same move.
_____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ ________

Round 1 Results

Koel Burnham  182/200 79% (basically you will see by the stamina that the more attacks you do, the more stamina you lose)
Vince               190/200  98% (however, the amount you lose is determined on half the value of the damage you deal)

Wolf A            31/35
Wolf B             10/35
Wolf C             18/35
Wolf D            35/35
Wolf E            35/35
(the wolves won't have any stamina bars, this is introductory so lets not muddy things up~)
Round Opinion: So far so good, Wolf B is close to death so you might want to take care of that one so there is less damage to take in the next round. It's better to pick them off so its easier in the long term~

Resume Conflict!

Vince's post
Vince advances closer to wolf B and does a wide slash, throwing it back. Caught in the attack is wolf C, Vince kicks out at it and steps back

GM post
Koel:Tchhh, persistent little....its time to die!
Koel runs with sword in hand to Wolf A and jumps up, then crashes down with his sword. Then turning around he does a rotating slash that hits both Wolf A and Wolf D. (counted as two attacks)
Koel looks to Vince as he deals his previous blow to the wolf
Koel:Hmphh, you doing okay there?

Wolf B and C limp down to the floor and lay motionless, Wolf A bears its fangs at Vince and dashes towards him with great speed, then biting him deeply, hanging on for a few seconds and then letting go, jumping back into its original position. Wolf D follows up with sprinting towards Koel and  throwing its full body weight at him, knocking him down to the floor in the process, Wolf E then dashes towards Vince and bites his legs furiously, then running back into its pack.

Round 2 results

Koel Burnham 171/200 61%
Vince              175/200  77%

Wolf A           11/35
Wolf B             0/35 (finished by Vince)
Wolf C            0/35 (finished by Vince)
Wolf D             24/35
Wolf E             35/35

Round Opinion: Two down, now 3 to go.Remember, since the damage numbers are randomized between 1-20 its hard to know whether one attack will kill an enemy who is on low health, (weapon upgrades will remedy this but thats something to deal with later) so you should decide whether its better to use two attacks on an enemy on low health, or try your luck with one.

Resume Conflict!
Nemmy's post
Nemmy: ......Hmph......*her crossbow clicks a bit* I want a hint. Then I'll leave. If not.....the old man'll be pushing up daisies.

Vince's post
Vince: Well, as ok as i can be with a wolf bite on my leg anyway.
*Vince winces geting into a new stance releasing the weight on his bitten leg*

Vince jumps at wolf A and stabs downwardly onto it, pushing his sword as deep as it can go, before jumping back.
Vince: Consider the favor returned wolf! 

GM Post
The hooded man sighs heavily as he lifts himself off the chair with great reluctance. He then proceeds to raise his arm in the direction of Nemmy, as he does his hand becomes engulfed in flames, crackling and swirling around his hand it burns like no normal flame would.All the soldiers and villagers in the room gasp and cower backwards as they witness the anomaly that none had seen before. The infamous black magic. All the recruits surrounding Nemmy break formation and stand aside as to give Darka a clear view of her.
Darka:Put him down girl, the old coot serves a purpose to me.....
The TMU General however remains unphased, wishing he could gaze upon Nemmy's face as the legendary warrior confronted her.
TMU General:Look, how about lend some muscle in our expedition to the grasslands, help us investigate and at the end I will be off duty, I wont restricted from disclosing information.....I'll give you all the information you want. If you resist however......
Darka remains emotionless as his hand continues to burn intensely.... or matters very little to me, so long as the general upholds his part of the bargain.
TMU general: Oh I will, see girl? We are all striving for different causes but working together nonetheless, wont you be a part of this? Help and be helped?
Koel looks at his own injuries, quite a few bite and claw marks adorn his body. Though only a small amount of blood seeps from the wound.He then readies his sword and dashes towards Wolf D and punches it into the air, jumping into the air he slashes the wolf downwards with his sword, crashing it into the ground.As Koel lands he runs towards Wolf E and spiral slashes, causing the wolf to be knocked backthen turning back he dashes back to Wolf D as it limps back up and slashes it back down
Koel: Nobody messes with the innocent, not even dirty muts!
Wolf A and Wolf D drop to the floor and remain motionless, they have been defeated.The remaining Wolf E bears its fangs at Koel and bites him furiously on his sword wielding arm then jumping back to a reasonable distance.
Round 3 results
Koel Burnham 168/200 36%
Vince               175/200  67%

Wolf A            0/35 (finished by Vince)
Wolf B             0/35 (finished by Vince)
Wolf C             0/35 (finished by Vince)
Wolf D             0/35 (finished by Koel)
Wolf E             15/35

Round Opinion: Victory is almost at hand, one need not worry about stamina consumption any longer, its time to wrap this up and finsh off the last of them~
Resume conflict!

Nemmy's post
Nemmy: *growls a bit.....then stops* Hmm.....*takes her hood off* You guys sure make a hard bargain. *lets go of the general* I'll help you guys on your little adventure. *goes toward Darka, then sets his arm down, getting singed a little* Ow....well I really need the info. My boss will cut me if I don't get my job done. But if there's any double crossing, you all won't see the light of day.....I hate betrayal.

GM post
The general then sighs in relief as he regains his freedom from Nemmy's grasp.
TMU General: Well with that, I think we have as many recruits as we are going to get. All of you prepare to depart, pack your things, we move within the hour
Darka arm then releases itself from its firey cage and returns to normal. He coldly stares at Nemmy as he quietly speaks to her.
Darka: I have no need for your childish games of hide and go seek, I have my own agenda and I will not tolerate interference....cross my path and it will be -you- that will cease to exist.
He then slowly walks towards the main entrance of the hall as he trails his sword in his right hand behind him. Not even bothering to look back at Nemmy's reaction.One of the recruits stops packing momentarily and makes a worried gaze to the exiting Darka.
Recruit: I aint ever seen anything like that power he just shown, was it magic? I thought that magic was only for healing. What a scary guy....

Vince's post
vince wastes no time in running into the remaining wolf. Picking it up with the momentum, vince slams the wolf into a nearby wall, momentarily stunning it.*Vince turns to Koel* vince: He's all yours.

GM post
Koel nods at Vinces remark and readies his sword pointing towards the wolf, he then runs towards the wolf with haste and plunges his blade into the beasts flesh.As Koel slowly removed the blade from the wolfs body he watched as the wolf ceased to move and the light left its eyes.Koel:....both reassuring and sad....well...its over now

The enemies have been defeated. The battle is won!
End of battle results~
Koel Burnham 168/200 31%
Vince               175/200  63%

Wolf A            0/35 (finished by Vince)
Wolf B             0/35 (finished by Vince)
Wolf C             0/35 (finished by Vince)
Wolf D             0/35 (finished by Koel)
Wolf E             0/35 (finished by Koel)

Siats awarded:
Vince: 120 Siats
Koel: 80 Siats

Koel looks upon the deserted village central, littered with the corpses of the attacking wolves, turning to Vince and shrugging while wiping the blood of his blade.
Koel: Thanks for the help.....I was kind of outnumbered there...He then looks around him, still seeing no sign of activity within the houses of the village
Koel: I guess they wont be coming back out for a while....maybe its for the best. Anyway, may I know the name of a fellow swordsman?

Vince's post
Vince: No problem, what matters is that the village and it's people are safe.* Vince sheaths his sword and offers his hand to koel*vince: My name is Vince Rhodin, but most call me Vince. would you mind telling me your name as well, I always like to know my allies' names.

GM post
Koel grasps Vinces hand and shakes, slightly smiling as he does
Koel: Koel Burnham, mercenary for hire.
Suddenly behind the two, the meeting hall door opens and a hooded man exits. For a moment he stops and looks from left to right at the scene before him, witnessing the broken stalls, blood stained stone ground and the dead beast corpses. that's what the commotion was outside....I can't say you did a good job of it, if a few wolves gave you this much trouble then I fear for your lives outside the confines of the village....
He said with a condescending tone in his voice, not even looking at Koel and Vince as he said it.
Koel: And just who might you be?
Darka: Thats none of your business cretin, you should mind you tongue lest it be cut from your throat.
Koel looks to the side in disgust, holding his wounds with hand, while tightly gripping his sheathed sword in the other.

(The rp will continue on from here, after you have read the story up until now you may add your character wherever you see fit)

Sir Shota:
Nemmy: *puts her hood back on and smiles devilishly* Hee hee, I always get my way..... So, where are we going first? *she stares at one of the recruits*

One of the recruits turns to Nemmy as they start lifting crates off the floor
Recruit: Well we are going to the Muram Grasslands...ggrr....gah this is heavy....but to get there we will have to pass through a few monster infested thats why we need so many of us to come along.
TMU General: Quit slacking and get all the supplies to the horse carts, we leave as soon as possible!
The recruit then looks away from Nemmy and proceeds to waddle out of the main door holding the crate, followed by many other recruits.
As the recruits slowly flood out of the main door behind Darka, he coldly stares at Koel and starts to walk down the steps and slowly pass him, his shoulder connecting with Koels as he did, almost knocking him over in the process.
Koel shrugged off the recent encounter and held his arm in pain as he looked around, the recent conflict with the wolves seems to have un-phased all of the recruits as they step over the corpses to get to the horse carts that are further down the road.
Koel: Jeez, what is with these thank you or anything....didn't even get paid for it.

Sir Shota:
Nemmy: *huffs a little* Fine enough. I guess I'll join you guys and see where this takes me. Excuse me for a moment.....*she walks to a secluded corner, then raises her arm to her mouth* Hey. Yeah, I got my info. I'll be back in a couple of weeks to 5. Yeah. Thanks. See ya. *after she lowers her arm, she sulks over and walks next to the recruits*

Koel sits on the side of the well while he watches all of the soldiers load up the horse carts, four carts in total reside near the bottom of the road and the recruits just keep pilling the crates on.
Koel: They keep this up....and they won't have enough room for them to ride on...
Koel then looks along the line of recruits moving back and forth from the carts to the meeting hall, as he does he sees a familiar face walking out of the door along with the rest.
Koel: Is that the girl from before? So she is with them now?
Koel then waves at Nemmy with his non-wounded arm and then puts it back on the wound, trying not to remove the pressure from his arm for too long.


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