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Help me find out how to work my MP3 Players and my Tablet

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The first MP3 player is red, looks like an iPod Shuffle. It is not an iPod Shuffle. The packaging was generic, and the name of the device is "8GB MP3 Player" (dead serious). The instruction booklet was extremely useless. It explained the symbols on the buttons, how to plug it into a computer, and how to move music to the device, but that's about it. So I threw that out. It came with a USB cord with generic mini-USB to USB ends. I got the device from My Coke Rewards.

The buttons on the device:

* On/Off Switch
* Play/Pause
* Stop
* Volume Up
* Volume Down
* Next
* PreviousI need help with two things: Shuffle and Charging.

Charging is a nightmare simply because it DOES NOT begin charging automatically when you plug it in, and it didn't come with a wall charger, either. I got it to charge once, but I have no idea how. The instruction booklet literally just said you plug it in to charge, and didn't say anything more on the subject. Apparently, a yellow light needs to come on on the device, but even if I make that happen with random button pressing, it still doesn't charge except for that first time. I read somewhere that you turn it on and put it in pause mode to get it to charge, but I have yet to see that work except to make the light yellow.

My Coke Rewards advertised this MP3 player as a device with a shuffle mode. However, I can't find anything about that. The manual said nothing about shuffle, and when I play the music in the device all it does is play in some semi-random annoying order (both in alphabetical order AND the order I put the music into the device. It flip flops which one it is. Dunno how that works, but it does). None of the buttons deal with the play order, so pressing those just does whatever function they were set to do.

The second MP3 player is a Sylvania Digital Media Player (SMPK2062). It's technically an MP4 player. It works just fine...except for the shuffle mode. The shuffle mode is fucked, methinks, but here we go...

You can play through the whole device without shuffle. However, the device sorts artists and albums in separate folders...which is quite annoying and boring. I don't want to hear several Coldplay songs back to back. Unfortunately, if you turn on shuffle, you can only play through the current folder you're in. You cannot use shuffle and play through the entire device at the same time. I would like to know how to shuffle through the entire device.

The fucked. The battery is fucked. I know how to use it properly, but it's basically mostly-fucked. The problem I'm having with it is I can't find any digital copies of the book I want to read on it. Yep. Just that. The book is "Xena: All I Need to Know I Learned from the Warrior Princess". Thank you if you wish to help.

I know I made a post about the first MP3 player already, but I decided to go ahead and just make a new thread anyway.

Does the MP3 has a display?

And your digital book, this weekend... I'm on it.

This probably isn't very helpful, but the general consensus on the coke mp3 player is to "throw it in a lake" as one person put it. If it's giving you a hard time, you may be better off just getting rid of it instead of trying to get it to work.

Also, I don't see shuffle mode being advertised as a feature on the website.

As for your Sylvania, it looks like that's just how shuffle works on the thing. Again, not very helpful, but that's all the info I got. =/

Kiss x Miz:
I don't think I know a way to help you with your mp3 players with just instruction manuals that, as you said, aren't of much help.
Most mp3 players aren't very elaborate though. You should be able to go through all the options in quite a short time.

--- Quote from: NekoJonez on May 07, 2014, 07:49:08 AM ---And your digital book, this weekend... I'm on it.

--- End quote ---
That sounds very creepy, man

You are very creepy. :P


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