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Which programs (besides PhotoShop) would you use for making wallpapers and signatures. And which programs shouldn't be used to make things?

Opinions please.

GIMP would be the best alternative to Photoshop. It's free, but it still has most of Photoshop's features and whatever is missing can usually be found as a plugin.

I don't think it's relevant to say which programs to use or not to use. They're just tools, and which tool you use doesn't really matter as long as you like what you make using that tool and are comfortable using it.

What about InkScape?

Inkscape is mostly for vector work, like creating new fonts, logos, or designs for t-shirts.

It's possible to make wallpapers or signatures with it, just not the usual "anime/video game character with fancy effects and text" kind.

I mainly use photoshop for signatures and stuff, sssooommmeeetimes for lineart.
Although Gimp would be a better choice for lines imo. Also for rendering.
I use FireAlpaca for coloring and/or drawing, if that counts.


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