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I made a few fonts from various websites but they all look pretty much the same.

Which ones do you like best tho?

This next one is my brother's:

It's a bit messed up because he used a ballpoint pen instead of a marker or felt tip.

I used and

Share your own creations here! <:

If you guys want any of the font files I posted, just give me the name and I'll shoot you a download.

I think the Felt Tip one is your best one. Overall smooth and consistent strokes, and quite legible even at small sizes.

I don't have any fonts to share though; my handwriting is shit >_>

Maybe in the future, after I finish Font Design class in uni.

It's because that's the only font I used Paint Font for. The template was a lot bigger so it was easier for me to write.
It's ok if your handwriting is bad because we can pass it off as a "style" : D
I want a font design class ;_;
I want a design class ;_;

Zer0 da Shadow:
There are pretty nice except for the last one, Light pretty much pointed out its flaws. I would chose all of them over comic sans. lol

--- Quote from: TyranBrûlée on March 12, 2015, 09:24:23 PM ---I want a font design class ;_;
I want a design class ;_;

--- End quote ---
i took a graphic design class once and we did some work with fonts and Typesetting, it was pretty interesting. 

Ay yo friend dats muh bro ur dissin'
No but his mistake was just using a pen that was too thin.
Also he's a 3rd grader and he has 3rd grade people writing.

I took a year of graphic design in high school. We learned about fonts but never actually did anything with them. It was a really bs class x:


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