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Anyone read OPM? ONE Webcomic is currently on Saitama vs Tatsumaki and Murata remake is on the Garou arc.

Animu starts October 5.

Does smf support webm? I'll leave this here:

I don't read it but I heard about it a few months ago. Looking forward to the anime release.

Watched the first two episodes of the anime and I really liked it.

I want to start reading the original webcomic but I heard the art is pretty bad. Would it be better to go straight to reading the manga if I don't care about how up-to-date the plot is?

Cupcake Fury:
Honestly the episodes can't come out fast enough for how hyped I am. ITS SO GOOD

Kiss x Miz:
This gets an A+ for properly applying difference in power unlike many animuh.

Yes I'm looking at you, Bleach.


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