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Arpegi Original Roleplay: Epilogue (Finale - Generation I)

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Sir Shota:
In the universe....there are many dimensions.....but there is a certain dimension in which many had believed in for time to pass....

It had the honor of being the Mainland dimension. In this dimension, it is much like Earth. It has a mainland. Yet the humans believed there was heaven and hell. This was wrong. There are actually different places called 'Verses' That exist in this and as well as many other dimensions. But for now, we will focus on the Mainland Dimension. These three verses are:

The Otherverse - A dimension where demons inhabit and chaos is king. It is run by a slender, hooded man named Vantiem.

The Oververse - A dimension where the peaceful angels keep purity in their minds as well as balance out the chaos and destruction by the demons. It is run by a somewhat aged man named Kinag.

The Middleverse - A dimension where behavior is neutral. The mixed hybrids inhabit this verse. It is run by a very cheerful woman named Hope. She is the most powerful of all three of these individuals we call "Lords".

In the verses, there is a group of protectors that has kept this as well as the other verses safe from danger. They are aptly named Team Verepes. This team has gathered some of the most skilled, powerful, as well as faithful demons, angels, and hybrids found in the verses. Besides the lords, there are the individuals that aid in the lords in daily work. they are called the assistants. Aiding Vantiem is the nekomata named Sumasshu Stetumya and the demeroic hybrid named Jonez Denuro. Aiding Kinag are the two sibling angels, Masaru and Anna Lee, or Masa and Anna. Finally, aiding Queen Hope is the hybrid named Levity. These assistants are basically the team's Sub Leaders.

Things were going smoothly throughout the verses, then somewhat slower by one Friday.

Then on Saturday....

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* Marian, the mother of Zana and ... maybe bi, wakes up Naota. Marian is a lively mother and is rarely lazy. She works quite fast. Her ability to judge "right" is amazing & outstanding. After her husband was killed as angel... she didn't want to have new boyfriend soon... so, Naota's offer for a relationship came at the right time. *

Marian: * Wakes up Naota * Herro, good morning my angel.

Sir Shota:
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*Naota is the mother of the Stetumya children. After being left by both of her husbands, she has chosen that men are worthless in her eyes, so she decided that she needs a woman's touch, namely Marian's.*

Naota: *wakes up, then smiles a bit* G'moring, Marian...*she yawns*

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* Karen is James's girlfriend. James is adopted by Marian.. So, Karen lives in the same house as Marian. She had a rough childhood, you can ask her brother Kris. But without her brother... she wouldn't have become the nice girl who always tries to care and be nice... but she can say or do some crazy stuff... and can be easily scared. *

Karen: * Opens the curtains * So, how do you guys like my new look?

Sir Shota:
Naota: *is seemingly blinded* TOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! *she laughs and claps, sticking her tongue out*


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