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Graphics Competition #1: SOTW


Welcome to Apregi's very first Graphics Competition!

As chosen by the members, this week's Competition will be a standard SOTW.

Entry Rules:

* Any member is allowed to enter, but is limited to only one entry (can be changed before the closing date).
* All signatures must adhere to Arpegi's standard forum rules.
* Signatures must not exceed 600 x 200 pixels.
* Entries must not have been entered in a previous SOTW on Arpegi.
* Entry threads are for posting entries only (anything else will be removed).
There will be no theme for this week's competition, just do your best and utilize whatever you have at your disposal to create your entry.

This thread will be closed at the end of the 5th of April (GMT +7), so please try get your entries in before then.



Let's just get to the voting so we can move on to the next contest. >_>


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