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Graphics Competition #2: Intentionally Bad Drawings (Entries)

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Welcome to Arpegi's 2nd Graphics Competition!

This time, the competition is intentionally bad drawings.

Entry Rules:

* Any member is allowed to enter, but is limited to only one entry (can be changed before the closing date).
* All drawings must adhere to Arpegi's standard forum rules.
* Entries must not have been entered in a previous competition on Arpegi.
* Entry threads are for posting entries only (anything else will be removed).
The theme is:

Draw Your Pets

Please add the name and species of your pet somewhere inside your drawing. If you don't own a pet, just pick a random domesticated animal and draw that.

This thread will be closed at the end of the 16th of April (GMT +7), so please try get your entries in before then.

Pows Entry:

Kiss x Miz:
My entry:

Cupcake Fury:



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