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I've been thinking about this for a while and thought it might be a good idea to do something like this.
The purpose of this topic is to share wallpapers that you find amusing or that you think are worth sharing! In this way some users can build a general wallpaper basis on their pc with some pretty epic and awesome pictures.

I'd like to add some general rules to this topic to make it easier to view and share the wallpapers.

* Post pictures in a spoiler
* Post pictures between IMG tags
* If possible, mention the size in pixels (width x height)
* If your wallpaper is NSFW or 18+, you are obliged to mention
Breaking any of these rules will cause an admin/mod to edit or delete your posts.

Cheers guys, I hope this stuff works out!

Size: 1680 × 1050

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Pretty sure none of them are NSFW, but a few are kinda NSFL, imo.

I personally like this one:
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I'll just leave this here....

The 493

dark 5FVD:
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