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NSN #2
« on: April 30, 2012, 02:56:17 PM »
LEAD STORY: French Full-Body Health Care

As the U.S. government's role in health care is debated, the French government's role was highlighted in February with a report on about France's guarantee to new mothers of "10 to 20" free sessions of "la reeducation perineale" (vaginal re-toning to restore the pre-pregnancy condition, a "cornerstone of French post- natal care," according to Slate). The sessions involve yoga-like calisthenics to rebuild muscles and improve genital flexibility. Similar procedures in the U.S. not only are not government entitlements, but are almost never covered by private insurance, and besides, say surgeons, the patients who request them do so almost entirely for aesthetic reasons. The French program, by contrast, is said to be designed not only for general health but to strengthen women for bearing more children, to raise the birth rate. [Slate, 2-15-2012]
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