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Do You Play Any Instrument?

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just curious to know if any of you play any musical instrument

i mostly play the bass guitar, currently have 3 in possession :)

(click to show/hide)Schecter Custom 5

Yamaha ERB 070

Ibanez Soundgear GIO 5 String

i want to sell my ibanez though, need money and havent used it in a while. the other two i wont sell them

If you can play the bass line from Final Fantasy 3 I will be happy =3

On topic, I used to be a master at the triangle. I rocked that piece of metal like there was no tomorrow.

havent heard it or dont remember it. maybe posti it so i can hear it :)


I got the name wrong, it was IV. But all the same :p

dark 5FVD:
I started to learn for guitar but gave up. But now i'm thinking of restarting the lessons


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