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--- Quote from: Brony General Comulian on May 16, 2012, 03:19:47 PM ---Ehm, Dues Ex Machina? Explain what that is.

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I think it's like "God in Machine". Think of it like this:

Your character is about to die at the mercy of a falling brick. Suddenly the brick moves away from its original trajectory, saving your character. There is no explanation for it. It just moved. It's a deus ex machina.

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Yay for writing the explanation at the same time.

Still, you have to remember that there's still different kinds of RP. Some are kind of like games. Others are more story-based than the rest. The tips don't always apply to all RPs.

Caster no Mae:
Remember that RP is Teamwork so Make Sure to Keep in Mind what the Others are doing As Well

Don't Be Afraid to talk with others if you are in Lack of Ideas, Smashing Heads Together( Not in Physical way) is a Good Way to Develop your Charecter

OP:ing is allowed if you are Big Bad or another "Currently Undefeatable" Foe - but remember to inform others about that so no Bitching at you can Be Directed
- but remember to also have them have Fatal Flaw Achilles Heel or another Such thing for the FOE being Defeatable Later

unless ofcourse the FOE is simply strong in that Case Simply having the Good Guys Power up untill they can do the Traditional RPG thing called Grind Till Ye Winn

...TVtropes helps a lot, doesn't it?
[*]Never make a lengthy mini-arc by yourself involving no one but your character/s. It's a bit annoying. Not to mention, if there's no real development in character or plot, would be boring and quite useless.
[*]Grammar. Not quite needed, but it helps other to understand what exactly is going on.
[*]CHARACTER DIFFERENTIATION! To make interaction among your own characters, try changing their dialogues. V-v-verbal t-t-tics can help, y-yo!  Catchphrases, too. Or liffppthh (lisps).

[*] Try to avoid stereo typing!


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