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Final Fantasy: Arpegi
« on: July 15, 2012, 05:41:07 PM »

~Picture by: Light

   Long ago, this was a peaceful planet, powered and harnessed by the Four Crystals

   One day, the Crystals lost their lust, and the Planet plunged into chaos, rotting day by day. Four travelers, inexperienced and youthful, arrived at the castle of Cornelia. The King of Cornelia, seeing these youthful travelers, suspected they may be the long prophesized “Warriors of Light” who will restore light to the Crystals and take the Planet out of its rotten chaotic state. After slaying the Noble Knight, Garland, who had turned his back on Cornelia and its people, the King concluded that these travelers are indeed the long awaited Warriors of Light, and he sent them on their quest to save the world.

   After restoring the light back to the Four Crystals: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind, the Fiends who had been feeding on the Crystals' power had merged themselves with the slain Garland. After a tough fight, the Warriors of Light had succeeding in ending the Fiends once and for all, saving the world and keeping the peace and balance in it.

   Generation after generation, the Warriors of Light would be reborn into each other. They conquered the four regions, keeping them and their Crystals safe from harm, and keeping the world in peace.

F I N A L   F A N T A S Y :   A R P E G I

*In the region of Wind, Ketsu, a Warrior of Light, trained in the ways of the Knight, felt an evil presence enter his domain.*

*The evil was a man, in a dark brown leather jacket that covers the entire body, a hood covering his head, showing only his mouth and chin.*

Ketsu: What business do you have here?

Man: Your blood... I must have it on my blade

Ketsu: You... speak funny. Kill? Me? HAH! Do you have any idea who I am?

Man: Yes... You are the Final One. I have no intent to kill you. *Draws his blade, a short, thin, black sword*. Your blood... Is the last thing we need

Ketsu: So be it *Draws his blade, too. His sword is a large, two handed blade, handed down from Warriors of Light, Excalibur*

*The man runs at Ketsu, holding his blade in his right hand. Ketsu simply raises his blade diagonally in a block. The man clashes blades with Ketsu, a large wind force pushes upon both men. Ketsu pushed the man away by simply jolting his blade forward. The man flipped backwards and landed on the ground feet first, right knee to the ground. He held his blade out to his right side*

Ketsu: You... *Ketsu grabs his stomach, feeling a warm liquid gushing from his body*

Man: Really? I thought you would provide more of a challenge...

Ketsu: … BASTARD!!!

*Ketsu slowly turns into crystal as the man walks away, laughing. He licked the blood off his blade. He stopped, jumped, and then vanished*

***575 YEARS LATER***

   The world has long since forgotten about the Warriors of Light, all who met the same fate as Ketsu, frozen in crystal, living, never to be reborn into the next generation. Humans had lived in peace in countries, all of which had provinces and cities within them.

   The countries were not ruled individually, but all by the World Government, a group of peaceful people opposed to tyranny and villainy. Not much was known to people about countries other than their own. This was intentionally set up so that all people may be treated equally and racial feuds may not arrise.

*One day in the peaceful town of Rakebridge, the hunters had come home from their week long trip, carrying a large haul with their chocobos.*

*A town boy, Vince, 16 years old, whose father, Carlo, was a hunter, ran up to greet the hunters upon their arrival*

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Vince: DAD!!! What did you get this time?

Carlo: Heheh, woah there! Calm down a bit. I didn't get anything this time. I sold it all. How's your mother?

Vince: She's still sick, but she's doing fine.

*Vince and Carlo walk home, on their way, they see an interesting man at the park. The man was holding a newspaper quite large compared to an average newspaper.*


Vince: Whats a DrakVenom?

Carlo: *to Vince* A DrakVenom is a mythological creature, a very powerful one. *to the Announcer* Say, what are you talking about?

Announcer: *Whisper* The DrakVenoms – They're real!

Carlo: Don't be ridiculous

Announcer: Yes. They aren't creatures. They are humans. A group of them, actually. Plotting to take over the world!

Vince: Uhmm... take over the world? That's comic book shit, I doubt this is true, C'mon dad lets go.

Carlo:*holds up his finger* Hold up Vince. What brings you to say this?

Announcer: Legend says there are only a few DrakVenoms to exist, each a different color. Nobody knows where it is or how to find it. Thing is, I saw them. Not creatures, but people. Two of them. One wearing a dark red jacket completely covering the body with a hood on, the other one wearing the same exact jacket, but a gray one!

Carlo: This is ludicrous, You're crazy, dude. You're right Vince, lets go.

*Carlo and Vince go home, the announcer continued to deliver the news.*

Carlo: Hey, baby how're you doing *Kisses his wife*

Maria: I'm fine. How was your trip?

Carlo: I didn't catch anything big, so I sold everything. Got myself some good money.

Maria: That's good to hear, give some to Vince, let him go buy us some groceries.

Vince: That's fine, mom. I got some money, I'll go get food.

Carlo: How much you got?

Vince: Uhmm... About 50 Gil. That's enough for groceries.

Carlo: Here, take fifty more, just in case.

Vince: Aight thanks dad.

*When Vince arrives to the market, he sees a bunch of drunks at the market's bar. They begin to fight. Without realizing where he was walking, Vince bumped into a man. A big, stocky, man. The man glared at him, looking pissed and ready to beat anyone who bumped into him. His partner came up to him.*

Partner: Now is not the time to get into a fight, we have to get out of here for... you know.

Man: Alright *He gave Vince, a death glare, and walked away*

*Vince picked up the groceries and went home, giving them to his mom, who put them away and then asked Carlo for help to take her medicine.*

*The town went on to its normal schedule, nothing significant occurred for weeks. As time passed, Maria became healthy, and Vince trained to become a hunter. After two months, Vince was selected to go on the monthly hunting trip in place of his dad, who was starting to take retirement into consideration. The hunting trip was cut short though, not because a schedule change, but a violent turn of events had occurred...*

*Vince and his fellow hunters, just when they were about to get themselves a Mini-Ochu to eat, had heard fire. They smelled the smoke. They saw the air around them go black. They ran in the direction of the city, leaving all their belongings behind. When arriving within a mile of the city, they saw it, burning in flame. They ran back to get their chocobos and rushed to the city.*

*When they arrived, Vince saw them. The DrakVenoms. The men he encountered a few months earlier at he bar walked slowly out of the flames, one wearing gray, the other a dark red. The one in the dark red looked at him and pointed. It was the one he bumped into, having that same death glare, the men leaped into the air, and vanished.*


*Riding a Chocobo, a man in a hood came to a city, Cornerra, Cornellia's capital, and stood 5 yards away from the gate. He got off the Chocobo*

Vince: *Petting his Chocobo* Wait here, Choc


Vince: Let's go, Mo

*A Moogle, still very young, comes out of Vince's bag and starts to fly*

Mo: We're there, Kupo?

Vince: Yes

* The gate opens and Vince enters the city*

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Re: Final Fantasy: Arpegi
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2012, 12:01:13 AM »
[I gotta say, you set up quite the interesting background. I'm really interested in how this will go.]

*In an unnamed pub located in the downtown area of Cornerra, the usual barflys are are singing and cavorting as only drunks do. Sitting in a darkened corner of the bar, a hooded man quietly sips his cup of tea.*

Drunk Man 1: *gulp gulp gulp - BELCH* AHHHH!! Aye, dere'sh nuddin' like a good 4 or -hic!- 10 pints after a near death scare like dat!

Drunk Man 2: Oh great, what's the tall tale ya got for us today?

Drunk Man 1: Grr, 'tis nae a tall tale I tells ya! I seen it wid mah own eyes! I saw a dragon! A Black Dragon no less!

Drunk Man 2: Hah! Listen to ye! You've been hittin' the nosh harder than usual eh?

Drunk Man 1: I wasn't drunk back then you sod! -hic!- I'm telling ya I seen it. And I swored there was a person riding that thing too!

Drunk Man 2: Hahahahaha! Dragons be one thing my friend but a dragon rider? A Dragoon!? The last Dragoon died over 100 years ago! Everybody knows, there ain't no more Dragoons in this day and age! And even if there was a miraculous survivor of the raids, he'd be hard pressed ta find any dragons flying around. Those beasts were nearly hunted to extinction in the raids!

Drunk Man 1: *gulp gulp gulp* *BURP* Look ye sorry excuse for a friend! I know what I saw! It was a damned Dragoon riding on a Black Dragon!

Drunk Man 2: Yeah, yeah, sure...

*It was at this point that the two drunks noticed that the bar had grown quiet. The smell of drinks and ale in the air was laced with a heavier, metallic stench. The smell of blood. The two drunks quickly turned around and saw the hooded man standing in front of them. At his feet lay the heads and bodies of the people in the bar, along with a steadily growing pool of blood*

Drunk Man 1: Wh-what's going on!? WHAT HAPPENED!? WHO ARE YOU!?

*The hooded man remains silent. He raises his right hand and holds it near his face. The two men sit dumbfounded and frightened as the man slowly breathes out a plume of fire from his mouth and slowly coalesces into a fireball in his hand.*

Drunk Man 2: Y-YOU'RE A-! But that's impossible!!

*The Hooded Man breathes in deeply...*

*On a table outside a cafe, a man is reading his paper.*

Man: Hmm, would you look at this! Says here that pub down on Highwind street was burned down. Says it was an accident or something. 28 people died. *He puts his paper down down, takes a sip of his coffee and turns to a hooded man sitting at a table across him* Crazy times we live in eh neighbor?

Hooded Man: *sips his tea and smiles* Yeah... crazy.

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Re: Final Fantasy: Arpegi
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2012, 05:10:37 AM »
*Vince was walking around when he passed by the cafe. He overheard the conversation that the two men were having. Vince was about to jump I and ask what was going on, but Mo stopped him*

Vince: Whats wrong Mo?

Mo: I have a bad feeling, kupo. About that man.

Vince: Hmm

*He continues walking, hands in his pockets. He began to whistle "in the Jungle"*


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