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Project Pillar
« on: May 02, 2013, 02:47:43 AM »
The year is 1325 AC (After Creation) and within a desolate wasteland lies a behemoth of a structure overlooking what once was a land rich with mother nature's bounty. The shine of metal shone brightly under the blazing sun, so smooth that the reflection of the scorched ground could be seen as clear as day. The tower was built as a symbol of peace to halt a war that was steadily consuming the northern continent, on a set course of the south where this structure lies. However its meaning was false, what truly lies beneath the thick layers of steel was much more than anyone had imagined, and because of that, it was the biggest facade ever conceived.

It's true purpose was for it to moonlight as nothing more than a symbol of peace and prosperity, but inside it houses a massive prison complex, the biggest and most advanced in the entire world. Designated "The Pillar", it stands at approximately 550 meters in length ( which is around 1800 feet) from the ground to its peak and 150 meters in width, its outside surface is completely smooth at every conceivable angle with no visible doorways or windows. It's mystery is further enforced with those who find themselves within its walls have no memory of how they got there in the first place, nor do they have any idea who they are and what they have done to merit their arrival. Within the Pillar is 120 floors, each holding 100 cells, which rounds off to a total of 12,000 inmates at any given time. Despite the pillar being active for quite a long time, its population never seems to decrease.

Upon waking up in The Pillar, the new inmate will find himself already dressed in a pale blue jumpsuit while inside a barely furnished prison cell. The room has nothing more than a bed, a sink and small PA system built into the wall, somewhat taking away the focus from the faded blue paint. A small lightbulb dangles from the ceiling, providing the only source of light in the immediate area due to the lack of any windows or natural light. Apart from that, nothing is bold or striking about this place. Even the inmates adjacent to your own cell are silent and bewildered either from their own arrival or from the fear imposed onto them from the enigmatic Overseer. Not much is known about this "Overseer", only that upon arriving a soft, childlike voice is heard from the PA speaker in your designated prison cell. He gives you a number that replaces whatever name you were once known by and then there is only silence. Periodically this voice will call out a number from the speakers outside of the cells and an inmate shortly goes missing. Never to be seen again, only to be replaced by another confused soul. The voice is monotone and devoid of any emotion.

The days are heavily routine based. Upon waking up the inmate is allowed 10 minutes of water from the sink to use to clean themselves with, some to drink also if they manage their time correctly. Then a plastic tray adorned with pastes of varying colours drops down from a shaft in the corner of the cell, too small for a human body to fit through however. This happens to be the only form of nutrition that the inmates get, only one tray per day. Once they have finished eating, they are free to do what they please within the confines of their cell until they choose to sleep. This routine is never broken, well....until today.

You awake to your cell door open, the large metallic slab of a door had no sign of being forced open either. The rest of the inhabitants of Cell Block 49 are outside and and staring at a large plasma screen monitor up high on the wall, with a PA speaker on each side. The whole room was filled with commotion, both with voices of concern and anger at the current situation. But one voice managed to break the commotion, and its tone was both familiar and unusual at the same time.

Voice: Proud citizens of The Pillar, you may have noticed that you have been freed from your cells. However, freedom is but a matter of perception, for even though you are no longer confined to your are in no way free from this place.

The room grew silent, each individual hinging on every word of this voice without a face to attach to. Though a rather strange logo was displayed on the screen as the voice continued with its speech.

Voice: I've grown tired of these boring days, you hardly do anything. I hardly do anything. So lets play a game.
I will give you the opportunity to gain true freedom from this place, within this complex lies a door that requires no key. You simply have to find it. Simple enough, right? It really is.

You notice that the tired, malnourished and weak men that stand around you begin to smile. A faint glimmer of hope begins to shimmer, until....

Voice: Oh wait, I forgot to tell you. Only one of you may leave this place. As soon as I notice a life signal leave my area radar, I'll release a deadly nerve gas that will kill off the remainder of the population. This is so fun!
.....let the games begin.

(since a lot of people have exams or are currently preoccupied at the moment, I'll just be leaving this here until it garners enough willing participants. In the meantime, if you are interested then pop me a PM with ideas for your character (of course, remember that you can have a past but your character wont remember any of it) and any questions that you may have. This RP will also be using the Karma System.
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