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Alrighty, give here the youtubers you recommend and why. - Lazy Game Reviews

His let's plays and reviews are just freaking amazing. His style is relaxing and seriously fun to watch. His humor is neat and he seems to have no care in the world. He has a big... big collection and he is proud of it. He loves it. And he is a big fan of Duke Nukem. He knows what he wants and he isn't afraid to criticize. - AntVenom

This Minecraft has a pure hate for cows. But his Seed Spotlights and his video's of the Survival Games are two nice examples of somebody that knows where it's at. He is a respectable guy and he is fun to watch. His series aren't long running but are pretty damn good to watch since he has always a goal set for them. And his peaceful map is pretty amazing to play around in. - HonestGamesReviewer

One of the newest Let's players I have seen. He is good. He started out with video's about the history of games and those were very well put together. Now he is a general let's player and that is what he does best. Check him out. He plays horror, drama, RPG and a whole load of different games.

Those are some Youtubers I watch... Who do you guys watch?

shredc0re: - PewDiePie

View it to see what he does and be amazed!

Kiss x Miz: - UberHaxorNova - Brock Baker - Brock Baker - Corridor Digital

Cupcake Fury:
Gawd dammit stop stealing mine >:L

Kiss x Miz:
Aaaahh, why not all the creatures? They're awesome :P - Gassy - Danz - Nova - Seamus - Sly - Ze - Sp00n - Kootra


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