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Youtubers to watch.

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Mr.PowPow: - Egoraptor (Quite possibly the best and most funniest animator on Youtube, yes, even better than Hershe)

Nicepeter- Co-founder of the Epic Rap Battles of History series on Youtube, also and inspirational musician and just an all round amazing guy. - Nicepeter (main channel) (Vlog channel) -Epic Rap Battles of History Channel - EpicLLOYD (Co-founder of the ERBOH and a talented rapper, he is most known for his series Dis Raps for Hire) - Jeremy Jahns (Does movie and game reviews and is very talented at it, if you are unsure about whether to go see a movie or not, trust me....what he says matters.) - IF YOU DON'T ALREADY KNOW THESE GUYS, THEN YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT LETS PLAYS!

NekoLelouche: - Tobuscus

He is just legendary :D

senpai_FisT: - Adam Buckley

Mr.PowPow: - Speedosausage, does obscene animations.

senpai_FisT: - If you like to watch a silly guy playing games, he might be for you.

(Personally, I think he is too cool to even exist D:)


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