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dark 5FVD:
sarkozy president again.

The bus accident in switserland..
I am sure many people of belgium have heard about this accident.
it involved about 24 kids (ithink) around the age of 12.
As far that i have heard only 5 children are known to be ok..
the bus really looked awfull..
Also i was kinda shocked to hear it.

The accident happend like this:

The bus was driving around the speed of 100km/h and was about to enter a tunnel.
But the busdriver probably miscalculated the entrance of the tunnel and hit the side of the tunnel.. result: complete nose of the buss totaled..
everyone who was in the front seats was dead.. more info i do not have..


--- Quote from: Dubveinz on March 14, 2012, 11:51:10 PM ---
The bus was driving around the speed of 100km/h and was about to enter a tunnel.

--- End quote ---

Was he(bus driver) effing crazy? Driving a bus full of children at that kind of speeds?

He was actually only driving 90km/h, because that's the allowed speed for busses on such roads.
And he didn't hit the entrance wall, but he ran into a wall somewhere inside the tunnel near an emergency escape (a spot where people with car troubles can park etc).
What I heard on the news was that the driver must have bumped into the sidewalk or something, which caused him to turn right, just the littlest bit, and before he could correct it.. He hit the wall from the emergency escape.

And for the amount of deaths, as far as I recall 28 deaths. 22 Children and 6 Adult


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