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Minecraft LP xbox version


dark 5FVD:
So yeah i thought i would make this for i don't know.
But let's cut to the case. if anybody of you proud xbox owners also have the xbox version of minecraft and you want to play with me and a friend just ask me and we will find a date to game together.

THat would be all. for now
anyways you don't need to join if you don't want to

I'd join in but I have no way to connect my Xbox to live right now, don't have Minecraft 360, and don't have a gold account anyway.

dark 5FVD:
ah well that's not bad. it whas just an idea i had but i'm not sure it will ever start...

Okay anybody who wants to get minecraft and join pm me and I will make sure you'll join.

dark 5FVD:
hmmm i'm pretty sure this may be closed cause it isn't going to happen i think


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