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Title: Devon Reviews: My Peanut Butter Sandwich
Post by: devon on May 30, 2014, 06:52:08 AM
Devon Reviews: My Peanut Butter Sandwich
Note:This is not my Peanut Butter Sandwich, in fact it's not even a sandwich; it's toast. But what I ate was definitely a sandwich.

So many sandwiches nowadays are becoming unnecessarily complicated and complex. Adding salads, meats, and sauces to what should be a relatively simple meal is what is destroying this world. More than ever, people are spoiled for choice and they all seem to be moving away from the simple things in life. This weeks review should put everything into perspective and make you really think about what you put in your sandwiches.

Bread: 6/10
For my sandwich I used Rivermill White Toast Bread that was actually 2 days away from it's expiry date. The bread had long lost its softness as the surface of one piece had been exposed to air, and it had gone just slightly stale. I had gone over my 2 pieces of bread carefully to check if any mold was growing. Luckily there was none, so I was able to use the entire two pieces undisturbed.

Margarine: 6/10
I'm using budget-branded Margarine, so it's a step down in quality from normal spread allegedly although butter is better for you anyway. I'm all out of butter so I just got to stick with this stuff. Easy to spread, good enough taste. Average stuff.

Peanut Butter: 9/10
I'm using a small plastic jar of ETA Smooth Peanut Butter. I like Smooth better than Crunchy and Crunchy Variants. I've always had issues with the Peanuts in Crunchy getting stuck in my teeth. The peanut butter spread easily, and I only needed to use a little bit to cover my entire sandwich.

Overall: 7/10
A good sandwich altogether. The taste was good - as expected - and the sandwich wasn't too heavy due to using a reduced amount of peanut butter. I had absolutely no issues with bread sticking or anything like that, and it went in smooth. However the bread, while safe to eat, still wasn't fresh and while it didn't affect the meal at all negatively, it did kind of bother me. A sandwich with higher quality margarine (or event butter) and fresh bread really would have really made a difference.

Can I recommend it? Well not really, since I ate it. But I do recommend everybody go out and make their own Peanut Butter Sandwich.

My plate after eating my Peanut Butter Sandwich
Note: This is not actually my plate and I doubt there was a sandwich on it anyway.
Title: Re: Devon Reviews: My Peanut Butter Sandwich
Post by: NekoBot on May 30, 2014, 07:05:30 AM
10/10 best review.
Title: Re: Devon Reviews: My Peanut Butter Sandwich
Post by: senpai_FisT on May 30, 2014, 07:19:38 AM
I saw this on IKEA a while ago. The assembling instructions were a bit too confusing for me so I put it back.
Title: Re: Devon Reviews: My Peanut Butter Sandwich
Post by: Joel16 on May 30, 2014, 07:41:15 AM
lol I don't really like peanut butter much
Title: Re: Devon Reviews: My Peanut Butter Sandwich
Post by: Kiss x Miz on May 30, 2014, 08:23:25 AM
I love reviews like this. Still prefer chocolate spread over peanut butter though.
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