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Title: Ceribrus
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In a land where a corrupted government rules the country, where the government controls the ports and pillages the towns they ‘protect’, the country is riddled with poverty and ruin. This is a land called Ceribrus, where many wish for a better life outside of their country. In the most recent  of raids, government men, called SCI (Soldier Control Intillegence), in a small town of Sabruda, many women and men were robbed of their goods and money. Men killed, women raped, the situation was dire and serious. A man has now come to Sabruda looking for special people. He puts up a post at the local bar.
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*A man sits in the shadows of the bar, waiting for his ‘special’ recruits*
Title: Re: Ceribrus
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I close this thread. I dun wanna do it anymore