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Ok so I got dark souls and and it's just sooo slow.

I mean seriously usually keeping low quality and low res makes modern games like Skyrim,Reckoning and DO:A work so why is this so slow.I need help and all I can find is this DSFIX thingy.ARRGG

Two words. Bad. Port.

^explanation would be nice
I don't exactly have an up to date com so....usually I'm always using my com with focus on performance *sighs*

Dark Souls is originally a PS3 game. They have to port over the content into something compatible with the PC. Bad porting often leads to fps issues and other crashes. They also might require much higher system requirements than what they "seem" to need.

That's the closest I can get to in simple terms. (Not that I know complex terms about it anyway :P )

So..How do I fix it I got dsfix and now the game crashes


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