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Question: Should I add an Instagram button to the profiles?

If so, seperate or with the list of social networks? When it's with the list of social networks, I might have to empty those tables again from the db.

A major update to this list has been done. Ugh, so many stuff to do. I hope I get them all fixed before SMF 2.1 comes around.

I keep finding bugs and bugs in the main SMF coding. Man, I think I'll be on a major debugging tour soon.

I'm contacting a lot of mod devs for the bugs I encounter. I am truly looking into the depths of every feature of the site to find the bugs. :P

The less bugs , the better site we have :D

Dayum, this list is getting extremely long. So, all these updates are the steps towards the next major release, which is Arpegi 3.0!

I hope I can release that in Q1 2014.


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