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I'm not able to add people on steam

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dark 5FVD:
Hi guys

I have a litle problem with my steam namely that i can't add people.
So a friend of mine said that i needed to install a game from steam.
But i don't think this will work.
Does anybody know how i could solve this?

Please I really need your help on this one.

If I remember correctly, you need at least one game that has been paid for in order to add people. I was unable to add people until I was gifted a game, so you don't necessarily have to buy one yourself.

dark 5FVD:
ya think? cause i'm kinda annoyed that this happens.
also gifted? huh

What Powy said is correct. In order to add people on steam, you must have one game from the steam store. If it is gifted, it counts as well.

Kiss x Miz:
I never bought or got anything gifted on Steam. Why is it working for me?


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