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Wireless issue.

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Guys, I need your help here.

Often I get DC'ed from my WiFi randomly. It's extremely annoying when I'm in a call.

I have times that my PC can reconnect directly and other times I have to break my connection and make a new connection.

My WiFi card is perfectly fine, since at my aunt's place, I'm able to be on the WiFi for hours on end.

The issue mostly started about a month ago and it's sometimes extremely bad and sometimes it's not happening at all.

What can I do?

What ISP do you have? And what type of router?

Telenet, and the f-ckers installed a router of themselves.

Well, can't you go and see what router it is? :L

I can't see it, CBN is displayed but Telenet replaced it all with their own branding.


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