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[PS3, X360, PC] Saints Row: The Third
« on: June 24, 2013, 04:20:34 AM »

"Why do you fight what you feel in your heart?"
"...Because if I did what I felt in my heart, they'd never find your body..."

This game....this game is just....very strange....being the third one in the ever evolving line of games in the Saints series, this one managed to top off its weirdness from the last one, which I have never played, but I really want to.

And before I get into the game, my screenshots will be personally used by the character I use in the game. Her name is Miss Lupe, a Hispanic Asian with a rad attitude and very...strange motives~

And as you can see, she's very excited for this. Here we go....


Well, I kinda got a mighty fine surprise when I found out this was in Playstation's PS Plus Instant Game Collection, and I can say I never looked back when I got a very nice and lengthy open world action the cost of my mere weakness for games like these....Other than that, it's fast paced, full of things to do, and enough gameplay for you to about 3-4 days, you know, as long as you can take the insanity that this game throws at you from all directions.

"Steelport will be mine..."


Alright, I'm just gonna give a synopsis for this, since I was just about to explain the whole damn series in one go. So, the Third Street Saints, a hardcore gang from the city of Stilwater, have everything they've ever wanted, fame, money, a very media oriented reputation. But one chance to go back to the simple days of living like a gang on the streets goes wrong as they attempt to rob a bank that's owned by the Syndicate, a group of 3 high class gangs that run the (possibly) nearby city of Steelport. After an incident that absolutely goes to hell, the Third Street Saints are left stranded in a new city, starting from the ground up once more as their boss, aptly called, "Boss" goes through a very testosterone filled misadventure in the streets of Steelport...

"Talk to one of these guys. They'll have things for you to do. Let's get this s**t started."


Okay, so we all know that this series is a blatant rip-off of the GTA series. Yes, it's true, but not entirely. This game will do things that may make you forget GTA even exists. It's only a matter of fact that normal things you can do in GTA are taken way Up to Eleven and right into the unrealistic territory with this game, making the two franchises very much different. Moving on, let's talk about the core. The game is of course, action-adventure with sandbox themes and *GASP* RPG ELEMENTS?! Yup, that's what it is. You get to level your character up by gaining experience points, which is called, "Respect". You gain this respect by completing missions, finishing mini-games, and performing various actions that give you smaller amounts of respect at a more common rate. The respect can go towards unlocking many different upgrades which can change gameplay drastically, which can be mentioned later on. You must also remember to gain cash in order to buy these upgrades, as well as buying weapons and customization items for your character. Customization is back in this game as well, but it's been toned down a bit, as I've heard that they've taken out the ability to layer out your clothes as well as certain features for your own character's personality. Other than that, this game has some pretty badass customization, which I honestly wasted no time with, since I love love LOVE games like these. now, heading out of that are the various mini games that are scattered throughout the city. These mini games are called "Activities" which range in all sorts of ridiculous tasks and only get harder in difficulty the further you go. The activities that are listed here may involve things ranging from simply causing property damage in a certain area of the city to driving a tiger around in your car in order to gain courage. And if think this is strange, the missions are more of the enhanced versions of the activities when it comes to strange tasks.

Apparently, Miss Lupe is a trooper when it comes to this kind of stuff....


Alrighty, so the graphics CAN be hit or miss, depending on your appeals. Personally, I didn't really care about the graphics. But if you want me to be honest, the environments were quite the spectacle to look at, especially the bright lights in the more busy areas of the city. The character models of the game are more downplayed from the last game, but to me, this is quite alright, since the slight cartoon nature of this game fits in perfectly. The effects aren't so bad either, since it can be pretty satisfying seeing things blow up around you and witnessing your frame rates drop just a bit more each time~~

Oncoming lanes, here I come....


The game's soundtrack is diverse, giving you all sorts of songs to listen to, and they even gave the opportunity to let you create a mixtape containing your favorite songs from the radio stations in the game. I would have liked it if they had a full fledged custom soundtrack feature, but hopefully they do that for the next game instead of just for PC users....bastards...*ahem* The dialogue is also quite hilarious, making certain lines from certain characters feel just...very funny, well, if this sort of humor appeals to you. Object sounds are spot on, luckily, since the sounds of necks snapping feel quite nice when you go on a rampage~

Lasting Appeal

As much as I'm talking about this game, is doesn't last very long, as it can give you about 3-4 days worth of play, depending on your speed and skill. and the challenge even lowers significantly from certain upgrades you get, but I'm not really gonna say what they are. This is honestly my 4th day and I'm almost done with literally EVERYTHING in the base game. But if only the small DLC were only free, I could be sitting down longer. But as I said, this game is enough to simply kill your time, and in the good way~


  • Enough gameplay to murder as much time as you need to
  • A decent action story with ridiculous and cartoonish themes
  • Balanced customization system which will have you wondering how your character will turn out in the end
  • Very raunchy and risky attitude with nice Rated R humor
  • Surprises in the game that will have you going either "Holy s**t" or "What the f**k"


  • A slight step backwards from Saints Row 2
  • Glitches in the game that may or may not frustrate you
  • Kind of a short main story, which the extra features make up for
  • Humor can and WILL get old over time
  • Only ever good for 1 or 2 playthroughs

Presentation: 7/10
Graphics: 7.5/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Lasting Appeal: 6/10

Overall: 36.5/50
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