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I was wondering in what way you guys are able to edit the Battle RPG mod? Like, can you just add stuff (a.e. monsters, items, ...) or is there a possibility to add your own functions?

I'm asking this because I have some suggestions that might be impossible depending on the answer to this question.

Kiss x Miz:
Not much, most possible functions are similar to what you've already seen. Can't give any special abilities. The only possible effects on quests, mobs and items are to give or deduct Health, Attack, Defense, Stamina, Energy and Gold. No way to get an item to raise your max stats.

So the possibility of making a, lets say, a 'bank' isn't there either?

Kiss x Miz:

--- Quote from: Loch Shreddy on February 04, 2014, 06:42:38 PM ---So the possibility of making a, lets say, a 'bank' isn't there either?

--- End quote ---
You mean like an inventory?

That was my second suggestion actually.

- Piggy Bank: gives you the possibility of depositing and withdrawing gold. (+ a daily/weekly bonus on gold that is stored in your piggy bank)
- Inventory: gives you the possibility to store health/attack/defense potions and allows the usage in battle


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