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So ..umm like help? C9

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So accepting fisties suggestion I downloaded the mmo,c9
and it works well in mah comp
But whenever my bro tries to log into the launcher in his computer
It says exceptional error happened
I sent the game in his comp via ext.hardrive btw

Could you provide me in pm's with a link?


--- Quote from: NekoJonez on March 27, 2014, 09:14:37 AM ---Could you provide me in pm's with a link?

--- End quote ---
A link to the game's webpage you mean?


Kiss x Miz:
What files did you send him? Sending him the installed files of your game doesn't work.
I'm guessing the game uses a downloader to install the game. He'd have to download it himself to get it working for his computer.

If it doesn't use a downloader and you did send him the installation files, it's probably a difference between your computers or something that went wrong during the transfer.


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