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[Donation News] Important - GOALS


Alright, let's just say, if you guys donate things... Miz & I give something back. I found some mods and such that require us to have some money. So, these are our goals.

Currently raised: $40 ,-

$60 ,- for server costs. (Due at the start of March)

$20 ,- to $30 ,- for a major overhaul of our chatbox. You will be able to see it on more places, who is chatting, more commands and MUCH more.

$45 ,- for improved SEO of our site. From a site map to custom error pages. From better searching to improved url's. And possibly an integration with our FB page!

$40 ,- for having a budget to improve our calendar.

Kiss x Miz:
What currency? :P

I don't think we have 20 money yet

Sorry for that, I'm sick. Dollars.
Anyways, yes we have 20 bucks donated by a member.

You should broaden thine goals to €120 ≈ $166.79 for longterm goals

Also, the dollar amount shown in the OP should be a € equivalent because that's the currency donations are made in (to the Arpegi donation box through paypal)

Why dis not stickied?


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