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Failed System Media Recovery Backup Particion


I was making a Media Recovery backup in case something went wrong. However, when starting, it was fine into the second of five CDs. And then... the laptop froze for seemingly no reason. No problem. I'll reboot.

Reboot, some updates install, go back and restart the recovery backup

Oh, cool! I can start over from the second disk (saving half an hour), it gets through each phase:

Install disk - Check
Preparing data - 100%
Burning Disk - 100%
Verifying Disk - 1%


'Insert next disk to continue'

But... verification didn't finish... ok, um... well...

*Insert third disk*

*laptop whirls....*


'Insert next disk to continue'

um... no... that's not right...

*Put back in the second disk*

'Media Recovery Backup Tool Error, it seems this tool is having some issues, please try again later, you can continue anytime by clicking this tool again at a later date.'


And then, now I can't get it to work, nor can I restart from scratch. Why? What? I don't think I fucked up anywhere :|


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