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Can we change the "Sound of the Present" thread?

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The "Sound of the Present" thread has way too many videos on a single page. Every time I try to go there to post, my computer has a mini-seizure.

Is it possible to restrict the thread to links only? If not that, maybe videos are only allowed inside spoilers? Something that makes less videos appear on each page, please.

...though actually, more than 1 per page kind of gives my computer a mini-seizure, so...

For an actual solution the admins have to be here but for the time being, this might help.

I haven't used it myself but in theory it block all Flash elements but you can play a video if you want by clicking on it twice. Once to enable flash for that particular video, twice to actually play it.

This is assuming videos are using flash. In the case of HTML5, use this

Don't know any Chrome equivalent of it, though.

I doubt putting the videos in spoilers would help, seeing as your computer still has to load them anyway even if you can't see them.

As a side note, Jonez made it so that regular youtube links automatically turn into embedded videos, which means if we want them to stay as links, we would have to add either the No BBC tags or the URL tags.

I'm really doubting in removing that plugin.
Maybe I should put up a poll for that.

Kiss x Miz:
You could reduce your messages shown per page.
Profile -> Modify Profile -> Look & Layout -> Messages shown per page


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