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Temp saves. For threads and messages, after 1the minute of typing, or 30secondsthe of idling, a temp save aaves the text for that given moment. That way, when something happens, (like a site update and wuick bug fixes, and other things) I dont lose messages I thoughtout and typed for 30minutes <3

Also... yeah, after 10minutes, the temp saved text would be deleted, ao that temp files aren't clogging the server. Not that you're realy hurting for space anyways.

I know you mean well, and it wasn't your fault, but losing all that typage.... I am not the happiest robot

 ;D We have something similar.

The forum saves your post in case of a browser crash.

I might think about the other features.

Drafts are going to be included in SMF 2.1. Since this would make our code extremely messy, I don't see this coming to Arpegi in the near feature.


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