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I was reading an article about grinding in RPGs and Video Games in general, and I was reading the comments, where many people had many interesting things to say about it until things went south and people were just throwing insults everywhere. So where do you stand on them? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Do you think of them as an abomination to mankind and wish them away to same random isolated island near the bay of a third world country? DEBATE AWAY!

Me personally, I don't mind them in most situations. In games like Bravely Default or The World Ends With You (not really random, but still), I don't mind them because you don't really have to play them. You can set the game to easy and turn off random encounters (in the case of TWEWY, just don't fight them at all, LOL), play the game, and move on with your life. I prefer my games to be difficult (not heart-aching, excruciatingly difficult, but i like them to put up a good fight), so a little grind could do wonders for my life. Then there are games like Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest/Warrrior III, and Shin Megami Tensei (pick your title), where the games feed you migraines for breakfast. The kinds of games that don't hold back, and aim to give you nightmares of playing hours only to be held back to your original point because you didn't grind hard enough are annoying. While I did/do enjoy all of those games, the massive grind required takes away from my enjoyment, because I have to play 50+ hours to finish the games due to the difficulty. Those kinds of games require a lot of grinding and ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

My opinion on this matter is simple.

Grinding should always be rewarded but it need not be necessary.

As for the random encounters part, a variable encounter rate would be a win for everybody. Grind enthusiasts should have the option to keep the rate steady or rising, whereas those not preferring random encounters should have the option to reduce it.

It's hard to find the perfect balance.
I'm OK with random encounters as long as they aren't too often, I like to be able to take a few steps and get an idea of the area and everything, if all I get is a 2 second flash before I'm in another battle I quit fairly soon.
I like grinding. It gives me a great sense of achievement when I level up and get stronger. If the enemies scale up with you though, again, I quit fairly soon. For this reason I only ever finished FFVIII once.

Kiss x Miz:
To be honest, Skyrim has the perfect balance to me.

The random events like bears or travellers have little to no effect on you, which is just fine by me.

The only downside is that mindless grinding might take you to places you will visit sometime later in the game with a quest.


--- Quote from: Darth Swagmaster on March 02, 2015, 02:55:48 AM --- Do you think of them as an abomination to mankind and wish them away to same random isolated island near the bay of a third world country? DEBATE AWAY!

--- End quote ---
Firstly,that's a bit mean.

And secondly,Grinding is pretty cool with me. I tend to grind a lot in rpgs.

As for random encounters,oh no. nope.  Can't say I like 'em in any way. I mean like the invisible random encounters. If the enemies are seeable on the overworld then it's perfectly cool.
I mean most of the rpgs I feel nostalgic about seemed to have their enemies on the screen at all times.And then we have popular rpgs like pokemon and final fantasy....

In short, random encounters.not so cool.


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