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Join Solia! Rora gets cool stuff!


Interested in avatar sites? Check out Solia!

Don't care about avatar sites, but love Rora? Make an account anyway, so Rora can get really cool shit that's impossible to get without YOUR help!

One of the items is Jude Mathis' jacket from Tales of Xillia. That's right, the boy on my avatar from my FAVORITE SERIES EVER. :'(

It's an avatar site (similar to the infamous Gaia Online) that ISN'T run by a pack of shitheads!
The forums are fun, and the community is strong and full of wonderful people.
The avatars are cool, the artists are AMAZING and the items are gorgeous!

Please? :'(
Will beg for referrals if that's what it takes ♥

ok where's my free hug

It can meet the requirements very well.


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