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Well, here it is !

The thing I wanted to announce.!Ag-oQlDbpPDbgoZBqSisawrPyKZMdg

This is a game I've been working on for more than half an year I think. I made it with GMS instead of RPG Maker. Which means I didn't have any default assets or pre-written code to work with. So obviously it doesn't "look" as professional as it should.

But I did make everything other than the music and hope you try it out.

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Well it's not at all close to being perfect. So here are some common problems in the game and how to fix/avoid 'em:

- If you keep dashing after hitting something. Just use the shield to stop.
- A lot of problem arises from the water. So if you end up swimming in the ground or walking on the water just leave the room.
- There's also a lot of problems with the dialogue system. Mostly because I downloaded a separate dialogue engine which gets messed up sometimes. If the dialogue box doesn't appear just move around the npc/object and it should eventually appear. Usually it appears if you collide with the object on the right side.

1.01 VERSION:!Ag-oQlDbpPDbgpAdz86mF2acQFufKw

-swimming is a bit tweaked to work better.
-slightly better audio
-better dialogue system. Now you press attack to interact


Finally managed to make my own dialogue system that has it's own typewriter effect. Please try the newest version out if you haven't played it yet.

-Dialogue system with typewriter effect.
-fixed a small dash bug
-[hint]go kill the green exploding dudes in the newest version[/hint]

Kiss x Miz:
Congrats. You planning on polishing it up?

Congrats, dude. Big ups for starting from scratch instead of going the lazy route of using default assets.


--- Quote from: Mizari on December 11, 2016, 11:08:21 PM ---Congrats. You planning on polishing it up?

--- End quote ---
Not anytime soon.
Although I do want to change a few sound effects and maybe make my own dialogue system.

I kind of want to do other things right now though. Making the boss fight work kinda dried me up.

Making my own dialogue system. Gonna update the game soon.


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