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My top 10 games of 2016

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Although I have a feeling the only one who'll even read this post is Miz, And light if I'm lucky. I just wanted to make an article because Jonezy and a lot of other people are doing.

So here it is, my top 10 games of 2016. Also I'm counting games that weren't released in 2016 but I played in 2016. I only played one game that was actually released last year, which is...

#10: Paladins

A game I admittedly tried out because of the Overwatch hype. All of the Overwatch content seemed interesting to me so when this came out on steam I downloaded it on impulse. Although I generally like this game I feel like I haven't played it enough to give it a higher rating and also because as far as competitive games go I prefer the one's where I can play solo rather than in a team.
Which will be further discussed in a later part of the article

#9: Warframe

If I had to describe this game I'd compare it to a bag of chips. You just mindlessly take it all in and generally enjoy your time but it's probably not a good idea to have a lot of it at once.

With that being said it's a game where you want to play one or two missions with a friend in one sitting and just relax and enjoy the game's visuals.

#8: Duelyst

This is the other game I mentioned while discussing Paladins.
This game, It has a lot of things I like. Pixel art mixed with hand-drawn art, card game mechanics blended in with tactical rpg elements. All of these things are something I like. So obviously I love this game. I started playing this game on December so I haven't been playing for all that long. So I'm not sure if my love for this game will last but I definitely do love it now.

#7: Golden Sun

Now there are 2 turn based rpgs in this list and this is the first one.
The great thing about having a smart phone is that I can try out classic rpgs that I couldn't try out because I couldn't make the time to play them on the PC.

One of such games is Golden Sun. This game's visuals are amazing for the GBA and gameplay wise it's probably one of the best jrpgs, at least for handhelds. Having really fun puzzle elements, with a unique class system which in turn creates a fun combat system.

Although I have a nitpicks about the game too, the music despite not being bad by any means, isn't exactly the best I've heard. The story has a really great start and a satisfying end but the characters could use a bit more personality.

And also I feel like I can't give this game a proper verdict without playing the 2nd game which is why it couldn't make it higher on the list.

#6: Skyborn

The other turn based rpg is one which caught me by surprise. I've started to learn how to make games recently so I've also been searching around to find new developer friendly software and the games that have been made with them. One thing I've learned from my search is that rpgmaker games have a rather bad reputation.
I mean it's understandable since it's easy to use nature and abundance of default asset makes it easy to make terrible games and make a quick buck. But the end result of that is general spite from consumers. People simply hate rpgmaker games that aren't polished to the point that it's hard to decipher that it was made with rpgmaker in the first place.

And then there's Skyborn. Although from looks alone it's very easy to guess that it's a game made with rpgmaker. But the interesting and simple gameplay mechanics, charming characters and story and a decent amount of side-missions make this game stand out and deserving of it's very positive rating on steam.

I feel like I should mention that the reason why this game is above Golden Sun is because I went to Golden Sun fully knowing that it'd be a game I would enjoy and like I said before I feel like I need to play both of the Golden Sun games before giving a proper verdict.

#5: Fire Emblem

I've mentioned my love for turn-based strategy rpgs while talking about duelyst. Well yeah, I like that genre of games a lot.

Now there were two other contenders for the tactical jrpg to make the list. Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis and Front Mission. But 2016 was definitely not the first time I played Tactics Ogre:TKOL and I've only recently started playing Front Mission.

So ya, I've already mentioned my general likes and dislikes about Fire Emblem on the Fire Emblem thread. You could check that out if you want to. (click to show/hide),1880.msg163854.html#new

#4: Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages

Now here's another game that got me by surprise. I visit a few game giveway sites regularly. Among those sites there's one where I got two games which made it onto this list. This is the first one of them.

I honestly haven't heard about this game before I found it on the giveaway and boy is it a good thing I won that one. Otherwise, I wouldn't have known about this game.

This game is great and made it so far into the  list because it gets both story and gameplay right, especially for a game made by 3 people. The love for this game can even be seen in it's community. This game was released in 2013 and I can still find online matches in a relatively short amount of time.

So what is this game? The developers of the game compare it to Subspace Continuum and Silent Death. I have never heard of those games much less actually having played them. But I can tell you that this game is what would happen if someone made a shoot 'em up with rpg elements where you can move your ship 360 degrees around the map.
The game manages to use both it's rpg and shm'up mechanics quite well. Trying to build a ship from scratch and making it work well could very well take hours of your time and the game does give me the "Just one more mission" feeling I haven't felt for a long time. It also has a lot of achievements to unlock so people who like completionist challenges could play this games to challenge themselves.

The game's story is great too. The world of this game is really interesting and so are it's inhabitants. Nero,you're AI companion in particular is really likable and for whatever reason unbeknownst to mortal understanding Nero speaks in the exact same way as my actual real life younger brother does 
The rest of the characters are also quite humorous,the game has a lot of references and is filled to the brim with puns. While playing the game I had to consider the sanity of the npcs, the player character and even to some extent, myself. But the game isn't all jokes though, it can be quite serious at times, specially in the later parts of the game.

I'd actually recommend you guys try this one out if it seems interesting to you.

#3: Freedom Planet

I've mentioned two games I won from giveaways that made it into this list. This is the second one.

Now here's a dilemma, how do you make a person feel nostalgic about something he never experienced in the first place?

Well the answer is, This game is how.

Taking inspiration from Sega Genesis games and especially Sonic The Hedgehog series, this game is a love letter to games of that era and then some. Although I have a Sega Genesis I never actually had any noteworthy games for it so I'm mostly more of a Nintendo person thanks to the GameBoy Advance. But this game doesn't simply feel like it's trying to replicate the genesis but more like it's sending a love letter to past games in general much like the immensely popular Shovel Knight.

With that being said, it's not like this game is JUST a replica of earlier games. The game's sprites looks amazing, it takes Sonic's gameplay to a new level and not to mention it has some of the best boss battles I've ever seen in a game. A lot of people seem to dislike the game's story and particularly the dubbed voice acting, I personally like it, it reminds me of anime like Pokemon, Digimon and Beyblade  which I loved watching when I was younger.

#2: Shadow of the Colossus

OMG. This game. THIS GAME! I wanted to play it for so long. I've seen so many videos of people talking about this game and it just seemed like something that was meant for me.
So of course after getting a new PC this is the first game I decided to play and despite me hyping myself a lot for this game, it managed to deliver exactly what I wanted. The visuals, the colossi, the music, the muuusiiiiiic. This is a work of art.

So why isn't this #1 on my list ? Well because I haven't finished it yet. 10 colossi down, 6 more to go and this game will definitely make it on my 2017 list if I make one. But then, I hear you asking, "What, oh what could be Priom's #1 game of 2016?"

Oh, you weren't asking that because you know you would find out as soon as you scroll down ? Well you're right and here it is:

#1: Bastion

Although not as much as Shadow of the Colossus I've wanted to play this game for a long time too. I've played a demo of this game the year it came out and wanted to play the complete thing ever since. All of the positive feedback it was getting for it's visuals, world and narrative style only managed to increase my desire to play it.

So,a good friend of mine bought this game for me during my birthday last year. Since I had played the Demo I already knew I would like this game. But after playing the full thing I can see why it's so great.

The visuals are gorgeous and the colors of the game always feels right for the mood it's trying to set. The music is amazing and impactful, the gameplay is fun. But those aren't the best things about the game, the best things are the story, characters and the narrator in particular.

The game takes place in a fantasized wild-western-ish setting, a great calamity happened. You, a silent warrior along with a few allies try to put the world back together. Although you don't make choices in the story for the most part. You do get to make two very important decisions near the end of the game. Those decisions may not change the gameplay in anyway but they have a lot of meaning and you have to really admire all 4 of the decisions you can make. And that's not even the best part.

For how great the story is Ruckus's narration only manages to make it better and even when your fighting rather than taking part in the story the narrator makes it feel like a part of the story. For what the narration does for the game, what it doesn't do amazes me even more.
Whereas narrators in other games tend to be snarky and humorous, Ruckus is more supportive, informative and welcoming. This can be easily seen when you die in the game, whereas in other games, the narrator would probably make a pun about how you died and you have to press continue, Ruckus usually says something very simple, "It's alright."
And that simple dialogue is enough to convince me why this game's narration is great.

Well there you have it, my top 10 games of 2016. 2016 has been an interesting year for me. I got a smartphone to play older games on and a new pc for newer, more demanding games. But what I got in hardware, I lost in time. 2016 was my last year of pre-degree education, so I couldn't play as many games as I would've liked to and I'd probably be pretty occupied this year too.

I hope you enjoyed reading the list, or at the very list you attempted to read the list until you got bored of my ramblings. Please share your top 10 too. I already know Jonezy's top ten. I'm curious what the other Arpegians' are.

This shit looks easy, I'm gonna make a top 10 games of 2016 too.


--- Quote from: devon on January 02, 2017, 11:19:19 AM ---This shit looks easy, I'm gonna make a top 10 games of 2016 too.

--- End quote ---
Do it!

Nice article matey!

Very ballsy to only include one game released in 2016 in a list of top 10 games of 2016.

Nice choices, though. Most of them are games I wanted to play but never got around playing for one reason or another.


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