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Kiss x Miz:
If you would like a nice art signature, avatar, wallpaper, etc.. You can POLITELY ask it here.

Try to be specific when making a request.
A few things to consider:

* Size (pixels, inches, centimeters, etc.)
* Style (grunge, clean, abstract, etc.)
* Name of character/object you want in the artwork (if any) or a link to an image you want used in it
* What text you want in it (if any)If you want anything else in the artwork that isn't included in the above, please specify it in your post.
Standard forum rules apply.

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--- Quote from: Light on October 13, 2013, 06:20:27 PM ---...let's try not making them too specific, character-wise I mean.

If it's a specific pose, action, or scene from some game or anime or show or whatever, then I'd rather you provide some screenshots for me to use instead of me trying to find it myself, which usually takes a while if I can find it at all, especially if I don't play or watch the game/show.

--- End quote ---

I happen to have a request of my own:

If possible, would anyone like to make a signature sized banner with "Arpegi" in it that matches the colors of the forum to replace the current AdventureLand banner?

Read the admin notes Mizari, Jonez editted them. Might give you an idea about the banner!

Kiss x Miz:
I see.

This topic is still open for any other requests though.


--- Quote from: Mizari- on March 08, 2012, 01:20:24 PM ---This topic is still open for any other requests though.

--- End quote ---

I request someone to make a favicon for the site!

Ultra motha fockin' edit:
Style: Dark
Name: Ragna the Bloodegde
Text: Kura.


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