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Let's have a debate about tattoos!

What's your opinion on tattoos?
Do you want to get some later, if yes, what do you ink?
Do you already have tattoos?

Let's go guys!

I dunno why, but I can't stand tattoos, there is just something about them that churns my stomach.
I guess if I was dating a girl with one, I wouldn't mind if it was small and not -that- noticeable, but if it was a full arm of them.....urrkk.

Why don't you like them?

I love tattoos.. I think your body is a canvas and tattoos are just paintings on the canvas.

Like I said, I don't know why I do not like them, they just make me feel sick o.o

dark 5FVD:
I like them alot. I even make tattoo's not proffesional one's though. but i'm learning
as for the question do you want one Perhaps a nice dragon yeah.


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