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Fun Friday Five (FFF) Discussion and Idea thread.

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I would like to propose the idea for an event called the Fun Friday Five. or FFF for short.

This game runs similar to the memberspotlight in the case that it runs for a week and a member is chosen every week to host it. Also all forum rules apply as well. How it differs is thus:

The selected member asked five questions on friday and only five questions. Then the forum community answers these five questions. It is essentually the opposite of the member spotlight.

the only additional rules would be that

1. The selected host may decline
2. Members may only answer the five questions asked by the host
3. Members may only answer the five questions asked.
4. That all participants of the weekly event have fun

This is just an open idea for now and not the start of the idea.

Interesting. Fix your spelling please, kind of hard to understand.

fixed. would you go for it?


--- Quote from: NekoBot on June 21, 2012, 06:22:00 AM ---fixed. would you go for it?

--- End quote ---

yay i gots 2 yays


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