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So who here likes to visit other states/countries/places/etc?
Where have y'all been?
What's the longest you've been away from your home area place city state thing?
Is money a big factor for you and travelling, or do you YOLO it?

As for myself, I love to travel. There is a matter of money, though. We're quite poor as it is and my parents solemn pay hundreds to simply have fun. Solemn meaning never.

I've been to Vietnam, though. That's the only out-of-country place I've been, and only because we were visiting family. I've never been there before I was 5. I haven't been there for years, but we stayed for about a month each time we visited.

I have also been to Las Vegas. Now, my family only goes of our extended family pools in money(unfairly. Richest families pay more). The only paying my parents do is at the casino... ._. And gas for the car, granted we take it. Anywho, thing is we don't pay that much to drive to Vegas.

Ive traveled far and love to travel.

I came to America from the Netherlands and have to Conneticut. New Hampshire. Masachuettes. Rhode Island. Delaware. New Jersey. New York. Virginia. West Virginia. Vermount. Tennessee. Maryland. Block Island. Long Island. Fishers Island.

Ive got time share in New York Catskills. in Massachuettes Berkshires. And in the mountains of Virginia.

Ive sailed into the ocean and traveled by ship before. And done various ropes and biking courses.

Im busy

I haven't even heard of some of those islands... o.o

They can best be said to be hidden jems. populations are  500-3000 in some places

That's still a decent amount. o.o Well, how big are the islands?


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