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Bloody Debate: Emotions. Are they boons or bane?

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Earlier this morning, my friend told me about one his fantasies: On how it would be cool to be an assassin/syndicate leader/anti-terrorist soldier with no emotions. I instantly objected to this kind of vision, as having an obligation to do something like "assassinations" or "black operations" would require emotions. After some time, we've delved deeper on the conservation and ended up talking about the supposed orderly utopia of an emotionless world and the "faster and easier" development of this world as, the way he said it, would not include the hindrance of human emotions that would lead to hesitation to act and the ignorance of human nature.

He visioned the world of continuous work and development, and yet still contained free will.

That's where I outright hit him on the shin and painfully expressing my disgust for his fantasized utopia.
Kidding aside, the contradiction of free will and emotions instantly hit me. How could there be free will if the emotions creating the "will" does not exist? Not only that, but to not have emotions and to choose the most logical and rational choices would lead only to people taking only the decision that will have the least risk. It doesn't always mean that the lesser the risk, the safer it is. Wouldn't greater risk yield greater rewards?

Anyway, I'd like to look at your opinions, Arpegi. Since this is clearly philosophical, I do hope that there wouldn't be any "fights". DEBATE AWAY!

A utopia can only exist when there are no social radicals. As long as free will exists, there will always be social radicals.

Okay, the point he made about how an emotionless world would be more productive really struck a cord with me, in a type of "please don't strike that cord, its the wrong one" way.

Nothing would get done in an emotionless world because then we wouldn't have vital emotions such as curiosity and interest, how are we supposed to have the motivation to do anything without those vital emotions. We would literally just stand around, eating and sleeping, nothing else. We wouldn't care about anything apart from basic drives.

Also, what about alarm and panic? We would die pretty easily if we couldn't feel those emotions as they are built in for protective and safety reasons.

Then we have the more generalized emotions such as hope and fear, love and joy. These emotions are just as vital as they almost provide  logical thought and a deeper sense of mind. Providing us with intelligence on a less academic level.

Of course I'm sure he didn't mean all emotions (unless he did, then what I have wrote has completely destroyed his argument), but the point I am trying to convey is that all emotions are positive, they have been built into our genetics for our own good (though it is arguable that some emotions are more nurture, rather than nature). Emotions are there for a reason, taking them away.....well, its almost impossible for us to fathom what type of world that would be, but it sure wouldn't be a utopia, it would be more of a death sentence for humanity (in a symbolic manner of course).

As for continuous work and development, but still having free will.....well lets just say he is right and we no longer have emotions in this scenario, how would we gain the motivation to care about others if we only rely on instinct? Instinct dictates that we only care about our own well being, also our children but thats straying from the point.

Kiss x Miz:

--- Quote from: BloodcatNS on September 21, 2012, 02:07:24 PM ---That's where I outright hit him on the shin and painfully expressing my disgust for his fantasized utopia.

--- End quote ---
I don't wanna know what you'll do if I tell you about my utopia.

No emotions at all = people would just eat = freaking zombie apocalypse. (except that they would also sleep from time to time)

I have that type of brain big business men and serial killers have, I have no guilt or conscience, my dad is the same and it makes for a shit family life for the kids. Having no emotions is good for certain things, like I said - big business men need to be ruthless. But I don't believe you can be truly happy like that, but maybe with no emotions you don't care. Overall I'm happiest just chilling with the mrs and seeing my daughter smile, I think emotions are important.

Laws alone don't make a nice person, they just stop them from hurting people, emotions make nice people.


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