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[PSP] Can't get Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker to work!

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I am?
What the most recent cfw then? I'm still kinda new to the psp modding scene.

That I'm unsure of, I'm still using a horribly outdated CFW myself (5.50 Gen D-3)

I've heard that Prometheus is also outdated, seeing as it was brought out around 2010 and new ones have came out since. Fuyu seems more in the know than me though.

It's worth a google, just look for 2012 posts.

Kay-o, I'll go give it a search!
AHAH, IT'S WORKING NOW! Thanks guys!

Cupcake Fury:

why not update to PRO Cfw?
they support all 6.XX firmwares (starting from 6.20 though)
they also have the inferno driver, which is simply amazing...


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