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Eufloria ran fine yesterday, but extremely slow today?

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Yesterday, Eufloria was running perfectly fine. I haven't changed any settings or anything, but it's running extremely slowly today. At least 1FPS. I've tried closing everything that would potentially slow it down, but that didn't change a thing.

I've verified the integrity of the game cache, but I don't want to reinstall because I'm not sure if the game has cloud saving or not.


You should think about defragging your computer, I did that for TF2 when I was randomly getting slow speeds and it cleared it right up. Or it could be a number of various errors that your computer has collected over a period of time that needs to be fixed to solve slowdown.

If you want a free program that does all that for you and more, download "Advanced SystemCare 6", I use that.

If its an online game, it could just be something to do with the router, its a long shot but you could always reset your router and see if that helps.

Hrrmmmm.... What if you close your internet connection?

O.o I don't know what happened but it works again today and I didn't do shit to try and fix it at all between the last time I opened the game and now...

Weird... Kind of like that Minecraft problem where all it would do was crash. It just suddenly worked again.

So, I may lock this now?


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