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jpcsp gods eater


ok I got gods eater to start on my jpcsp but it runs slow and the game pauses at the character creator screen most of the time>Someone help out please

Which revision of jcpsp are you using? According to the compatibility list, it's supposedly only half-playable on revision r2718 so maybe you should try newer revisions and see if it works then.

Otherwise, all I can say is that PSP emulation is still kinda limited so only a handful of games are guaranteed to work. Might not want to get your hopes up.

I'm using r2900 and it doesn't work.The only version I can find on jpcsp compatibility (not the one on your list) is the japanese one to be half playable.

On the other hands you have helped alot in quite a lot of my issues.I believe I never thanked properly for that.So thanks.


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