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My mobile phone is nearly dead.

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My mobile phone is nearly dead. My battery is empty after +/- a half day in idle mode, the plug for ear duds sometimes only sends the send through one side, the back can't be fully attached to the front and my text messages disappear on me.

So, in other words, I need a new mobile phone. Any suggestions? I would love an Android phone but my budget isn't that big...

(And yes, I copy pasted this from my Facebook. What gives.)

How big is your budget exactly? Android phones can get pretty cheap depending on the model.

Well, at the moment 200 bucks.

I got my HTC Desire on android for under £100 I think. It emulates NDS games fine too, I'm very happy with it.

I have a used galaxy s2 and uhhmm I guess I could sell it to you if you'd like but it does have some problems


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