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Kiss x Miz:
Latest update:

- Added a new event: a cat. It can damage you or it can give you coins. (Jonez)
- Added a new item: Cheap Defense Star: +20 Defense (Mizari)
- Added a new event that will give you gold! (Mizari)
- Renamed the cat event to Sparta. Reference to my IRL cat. (Jonez)
- Reduced the gold gained in the previously stated event. (Mizari)
- Added an easter egg in the events. (Jonez)
- Added the Antipegiator Firebone. Testing battle balance. (Mizari)


- Added in a new event, person hanging from a cliff. (Jonez)
- Battle will give you 200 gold instead of 100 gold each hour. (Jonez)
- Revived users get 50* health. So you pay 1 gold for each health + 15* taxes. (Jonez) (Mizari*)
- Lowered the XP gained from player battles to 3 for now, to encourage exploring. Defeating Antipegians gives you 5 XP. (Jonez)
- Deleted the joke event of yesterday, with lazy Mizari. (Jonez)
- Changed map ratio. (Mizari)
- Enabled automatic level up to prevent unfair battles. (Mizari)
- Altered Antipegian stats for more balanced fights on higher level. (Mizari)
- Added a new high level Antipegian: Hotdog (Mizari) (<- I call HACKS! on this, Jonez)
- Changed level range for member battles to 10. (Mizari)
- Added a new event. Meant as a true easter egg. (Jonez)

Kiss x Miz:

- Added items Great Defense Star +90 Defense and Super Health Potion +150 Health. (Mizari)
- Added mystery bottle random encounter. (Mizari)
- Added a "Jonez is about to fix Arpegi" encounter. (Jonez)

Kiss x Miz:

- Reset the base Antipegian's skills and locked them. (Mizari)
- Added a new boss Antipegian called Nymph. (Mizari)
- Added a new base Antipegian called Lost Soul. (Mizari)
- Added a new event as easter egg about a RL event with Mizari and Shred (Jonez)


- Fixed several grammar issues. (Jonez)
- Removed the "+" & "-" in the events and made them better sentences. (Jonez)
- You earn more stats points when leveling up. (Jonez)


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